SUZUKI FAMILYMarch 20154/5Through small towns with signs that were incomprehensible to him to winding mountain roads to elevated highways where he was riding along ten stories above the streets, Japan was one of the most varied driving environments of any single country on the long journey. But for the V-Strom 1000 it was home. And as Westlake pulled into the Suzuki R&D Centre in Hamamatsu he was impressed when he saw hundreds of people in Suzuki outfits, waving flags and welcoming him and his machine to the birthplace of the bike. The Suzuki V-Strom 1000 proved to be at home on the streets and highways of Europe, on the mountains and steppes of central Asia and in the vast spaces of Mongolia and Siberia. The Suzuki Family covers the world and is at home in any environment. But still it was wonderful to be back in the Suzuki Family’s hometown, Hamamatsu.