SUZUKI FAMILYMarch 20152/3he “Authentic Sedan”, the all-new Ciaz is a high competitive entry in the global C segment sedan market. It combines a roomy comfortable interior, great driving performance and excellent fuel efficiency in a stylish design that will inspire pride of ownership. Suzuki produces Ciaz at Maruti Suzuki India Limited, for sales in India, as well as for export to the Middle East, Latin America, and Africa.The same model under the name ALIVIO(Chinese name: “Qi Yue”) has been produced in China. Sporty and elegant exterior designThe exterior design of the Ciaz brings together aerodynamic styling, sporty good looks that convey a feeling of driving pleasure, and a stunning elegance that surpasses other C-segment sedans. Roomy and comfortable cabin The Ciaz offers ample space for the driver, as well as all passen-gers in the front and rear seats. Its refined interior design enhances driving comfort and pleasure, while including numerous advanced features aimed at satisfying a wide range of customer demands. Excellent Driving Performance The refined 1.4-litre K14B petrol engine, optimised suspension system, aerody-namic and lightweight body design, and other design features deliver a driving experience that is both dynamic and stable, while achieving class-leading levels of fuel efficiency.“Authentic Sedan”The All-New CIAZHighly successful Ciaz test drive event in Jaipur Maruti Suzuki hosted a pre-launch test drive of the Ciaz for members of the media on 2nd September 2014 in Jaipur. This preceded the official launch in India on 6th October 2014. Over 65 journalists representing leading auto magazines, print publica-tions and electronic news publications participated. Their feedback was highly positive, with praise going to the exterior and interior styling, as well as overall performance of the vehicle.A number of the journalists posted their positive reactions on Twitter immediately following the test drive. A few examples include:“[I liked the] high quality feel of the design” “Striking design, especially rear 3/4 angle” “Space, comfort and the cabin’s luxury aspect are of a tall order.” T