he all-new Vitara embodies a fresh incarnation of the model’s acclaimed heritage of stylish design, easy-to-manage dimensions, comfortable on-road and capable off-road performance. Its smaller dimensions meet contemporary needs. It incorporates Suzuki’s cutting-edge ALLGRIP 4WD system. And it enables owners to personalise its design.The all-new Vitara goes into production at the Magyar Suzuki plant in Hungary in early 2015, and will then make its market debut across Europe. It will later be exported around the world as Suzuki’s global compact SUV.The All-New VITARA Makes Its Debut in Europe The performance benefits of ALLGRIPThe newest generation of Suzuki’s renowned 4WD technologies, ALLGRIP delivers driving pleasure and peace of mind in diverse conditions while promot-ing fuel economy. Four driver-selectable drive modes – auto, sport, snow, and lock – enable optimal control to match road and driving conditions. A new feed-forward function introduced on the Vitara adds the ability to predict front-wheelspin risks and send more torque to the rear wheels before it occurs. Exterior and interior designThe strong look of the Vitara’s exterior design expresses Suzuki’s SUV styling heritage in high fashion. Its coordinated interior design also communicates SUV toughness with interior appointments giving it a youthful, sporty look. Personalisation enables owners to express themselvesThe Vitara is designed with personalisation in mind. Owners can choose from 14 body-colour possibilities, combine a range of exterior and interior items, and also order an accessory package to express their individual personalities. Advanced safety featuresThe Vitara’s active safety equipment includes a Radar Brake Support (RBS) system that employs millimetre-wave radar to monitor the automobile in front and help prevent collisions or mitigate the damage in the event of an unavoidable collision. The All-new Vitara: First European Media Road Test Opinion-leading auto journalists from 15 European countries were invited to the Côte d’Azur (in southern France) at the end of November to be the very first to test-drive Suzuki’s all-new global compact SUV. Following a presentation outlin-ing the new model’s key features, the journalists took to the streets along a fixed route in the scenic area around Nice.Overall, the media reviews and feedback were very positive. Praise was received for the new Vitara’s stylish design, extensive customization options, driving perfor-mance, comfort and low fuel consumption. All in all it was perceived as a “highly capable entrant to the fought-over compact SUV segment.”New ProductsT*The specification may differ according to market. Vitara’s adaptive cruise control (ACC) system makes driving easier and more relaxing. The system uses the millimetre-wave radar to measure the distance to the preceding vehicle, and it automatically adjusts the Vitara’s speed to maintain any of three driver-selected headway distances. Superior fuel efficiencyThe Vitara is designed to meet contemporary demands for great fuel economy and environmental performance. A variety of weight-saving measures combine with evolved powertrain technologies to conserve fuel.