SUZUKI FAMILYMarch 201514/15HQ News123Leading Awards for the Suzuki Hustler In November last year, Suzuki Motor Corporation’s Hustler minicar (sold only in Japan) won the 2015 Car of the Year Award presented by the Automotive Researchers’ and Journalists’ Conference of Japan (RJC). RJC praised the Hustler for pioneering “a new genre as a lighthearted mini SUV” that offers driving performance, appealing colours and “realises enough comfort for city driving”. Citing the Hustler as a dream-maker that can be enjoyed with the family, a companion or alone, RJC concluded: “The deep insight and freshness of the car were highly valued.”In addition, the Hustler was awarded many other honours in 2014, including the 2014-2015 Japan Automotive Hall of Fame car of the year award presented at the end of October.Ever since its launch in January 2014, the Hustler has appealed to a wide variety of male and female customers.SUZUKI GREEN Technologies AchieveGreater Fuel EfficiencyS-ENE CHARGE maximizes fuel efficiencyS-ENE CHARGE further evolves Suzuki’s fuel-saving regenerative braking technology to deliver even greater fuel efficiency. The system combines the use of an ISG (Integrated Starter Generator) — a generator with a motor function — and a specially designed lithium-ion battery to assist the engine when accelerating. By taking some of the load off the engine during acceleration, the system saves fuel without sacrificing performance.The ISG uses deceleration energy to generate electricity that charges both the lead-acid battery and the lithium-ion battery specially designed for the S-ENE CHARGE system. Its starter motor uses a belt drive to restart the engine and realise silent and smooth restarts.The Wagon R and Wagon R Stingray minicar for the Japanese market are the first Suzuki models to adopt this new technology.The all-new Alto built on Suzuki‘s next-generation lightweight platformOn 22nd December, Suzuki announced the launch of the all-new Alto minicar in Japan. In addition to its updated styling, the eighth generation of this popular model adopts Suzuki’s newly developed platform to achieve a 60kg*1 reduction in weight. This combines with enhanced powertrain efficiency to realize fuel consumption of 37.0km/L*2, the lowest among non-hybrid gasoline vehicles in Japan*3.*1 Comparison between the all-new Alto equipped with CVT and conven-tional Alto Eco.*2 2WD equipped with CVT using measurements taken in the JC08 test cycle.*3 Based on Suzuki research in December 2014.Sales Milestone for the Award-winning Swift In August 2014, the Suzuki Swift achieved cumulative worldwide sales of four million, only nine years and nine months from its market introduction.SMC launched the Swift in 2004 as a world strategic model, demonstrating Suzuki compact car expertise and dedication to creating sporty, stylish and fun-to-drive vehicles. First produced and sold in Japan, Swift production and distribution began in Hungary, India, and China the following year. Full-model change in 2010 was followed by production and distribution in Thailand from March 2012.Ever since the 2005 launch in India, the Swift has increased sales, keeping pace with market expansion by adding diesel variants and sedans. Indian sales account for approximately half of the four million units, followed by 19% sold in Europe and 11% sold in Japan.The award-winning Swift - produced in eight countries- has become popular in more than 140 countries and regions worldwide since its debut.