SUZUKI FAMILYMarch 201512/13What’s Goin’ On?MARINE PRODUCTS Suzuki HQ Visit for Danish and Greenland AffiliatesLate last November, 27 Danish and Green-land dealers, sponsored by Danish distribu-tor Johs Thornam A/S, visited Suzuki Head-quarters in Hamamatsu, Japan. The Suzuki affiliates had a wonderful time touring Suzuki Plaza, the Toyokawa plant and Lake Hamana. The event created many good memories for the dealers, strengthening the ties among the Suzuki Marine members, Johs Thornam A/S, dealers and Suzuki Motor Corporation. Suzuki Marine Partnership with Monty HallsBroadcaster, explorer and marine biologist Monty Halls is well known for his diving expeditions, BBC television Great Escape series, Dive Magazine column and support for conservation causes. Now, working with the Humber boatbuilder, Halls has chosen Suzuki outboards to power the dive boats for his latest expedition and, in fact, intends to run Suzuki’s new DF200A model to support all of his challenging future expeditions. Halls, who unveiled Suzuki’s new DF200A models at the recent Southampton Boat Show and took centre stage at the recent Dive Show, is clearly destined to be a great brand ambassador for Suzuki Marine. Suzuki DF250 Class B WInner in Endurance 2014 Last October, the World Championship of Motonáutica for Endurance Class B was contested for three categories (Boat Production, S1 and S2), in Barcelona, Spain, under the organization of Catalan Federa-tion of Motonáutica.Carlos Santaella, after-sales service manager of Movilmotors, L.S. -Suzuki Outboard distributor in Spain - won the World Championship on board a Graünner 26 powered by a Suzuki DF250 147kW(250PS) engine.The Championship is open to boats not more than 8 metres long and emphasizes speed, so allows propulsion by one or two outboard or interior engines of up to 294kW (400PS), in various combinations and categories. The event attracted 19 crafts from Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, Galicia, Andalusia and Catalonia, making the performance an international record for a competition of this modality.