SUZUKI FAMILYSeptember 20148/9What’s Goin’ On?hen the checkered flag was waved at Suzuka 8-Hours World Endurance Championship’s second round on July 27, Yoshimura Suzuki and Team Kagayama on their GSX-R1000s finished in second and third place. Adding to the drama a heavy rainstorm forced postponement of the start and intermittent rain forced extra pit stops to change tyres and created challenging conditions on the Suzuka course. The Yoshimura Suzuki Shell Advance team was within 60 seconds of victory. The Yoshimura Suzuki team included two Suzuki MotoGP Test riders, Randy De Puniet and Takuya Tsuda along with Tyco Suzuki’s British Superbike rider Josh Waters who had won the Brands Hatch BSB round just the week before. Tsuda had the fastest qualifying lap at the Top Ten Trial the day before the race earning the pole position at the start for Yoshimura Suzuki Shell Advance completing the circuit in 2:06.703. After the race Tsuda said “I know we all did our best but I’m not satisfied with the result. I will do my best next year to win.”In third place was Team Kagayama with Yukio Kagayama joined by his 2013 Suzuka partner Noriyuki Haga and a new young Swiss team member Dominique Aegerter. The first three places, Honda, Yoshimura Suzuki and Team Kagayama were in exactly the same order of finish as last year. “I am really happy with the great support from the fans we’ve had today. I planned to take Noriyuki to the podium and Dominique did a great job his first race here, and I’m pleased we invited him to join us. Thanks also to our great staff!” Another thing that made this year’s Suzuka 8-hours special was the participation of The Legend of Yoshimura Suzuki Shell Advance featuring former World 500cc Champion Kevin Schwants, former All Japan Superbike Champion Satoshi Tsujimoto and Suzuki MotoGP Test rider Nobuatsu Aoki.The Suzuka 8-hours is Japan’s most prestigious motorcycle race, a grueling test of riders and machines. All of us can be proud of the designers, engineers and craftsmen who have built Suzuki’s great motorcycles. And we are proud of the riders whose skill was on display this year at Suzuka. It’s great to be part of the Suzuki Family! WLegend of Yoshimura Suzuki Shell ADVANCE teamKevin SchwantzSatoshi TsujimotoNobuatsu Aoki (MotoGP test rider)Yoshimura Suzuki Shell ADVANCE Racing TeamTakuya Tsuda (MotoGP test rider)Josh WatersRandy De Puniet (MotoGP test rider)Team KAGAYAMA & VerityYukio KagayamaNoriyuki HagaDominique AegerterSuzuki Endurance Racing Team (SERT)Anthony DelhalleErwan NigonDamian CudinHamamatsu Team TitanYuki ShimizuTsubasa InukiHikaru OhshiroFive Suzuki Teams Compete at Suzuka This year five Suzuki teams are attracting attention on the Suzuka circuit. The teams creating all theexcitement are:#12 #34 #17 #1 #21