SUZUKI FAMILYSeptember 20146/7The New DF200A – Lightweight, Powerful, Efficient and ReliableSuzuki’s new DF200A inline four-cylinder outboard motor stands to redefine lightweight outboard performance and fuel economy by delivering advanced features, enhanced reliability and impressive power on par with a V6 engine.At just 226kg, the new DF200A is more than 12% lighter than Suzuki’s V6 DF200. Even so, it produces the same 147kW (200PS) of power to offer boaters the choice of a lighter, leaner, more compact solution that comes without any compromises.Innovative features aboundThe stylish new cowling is designed to maximise performance by delivering cooler air directly to the engine’s tuned long-track intake manifold. Suzuki’s proven Variable Valve Timing system and twin intake and exhaust valves allow the engine to breathe even more efficiently. A higher 10.2:1 compression ratio and the engine’s 2,867cm3 big block performance also contribute to the new DF200A’s impressive acceleration, powerful low-end torque and top speed potential.Suzuki’s Lean Burn Control Technology optimises the fuel-to-air mixture throughout the engine’s operating range to help maximise performance and fuel economy. Advanced knock and oxygen sensors further enhance reliability and help keep the engine running smoothly under changing conditions, speeds and power demands. The DF200A also features a water detection sensor to warn of moisture in the fuel system.Also scheduled for release is the new DF200AP model. It will be the first 147kW (200PS) outboard on the market available with Suzuki Precision Control, an advanced computer-based control system that replaces mechanical cables with electronic “drive-by-wire control” for silky smooth throttle and shift operation, and Suzuki Selective Rotation, which proves invaluable on multi-outboard installations. In addition, it features a keyless ignition system that uses a coded key-fob for added convenience.