SUZUKI FAMILYSeptember 20144/5ALLGRIP – more fun and greater reassurance wherever you driveSuzuki has been developing 4WD vehicles for nearly half a century. ALLGRIP leverages this experience to mark a further evolution of our renowned 4WD technologies and deliver the following three key values that are so much in demand today. Firstly, it must be “Fun to drive”. In addition to expanding the driver’s range of activities, ALLGRIP enhances driving pleasure with better cornering performance in everyday driving. Secondly, it must provide “Peace of mind”. ALLGRIP heightens stability and provides a more reassuring driving experience when the weather turns bad and the road surface changes unexpectedly. Thirdly, it must deliver “High fuel-efficiency”. Although 4WDs are sometimes associated with low fuel efficiency, weight-saving technologies and advanced control systems provide fuel efficiency and low CO2 emissions.The first ALLGRIP model is the SX4 S-CROSS. The SX4 S-CROSS’s 4WD system has a four-mode select function which delivers the ALLGRIP’s three values. SPORT mode is for pure driving pleasure, SNOW/LOCK modes ensure driving confidence, while AUTO mode supports efficient driving. Plans are to demonstrate to users and the market that 4WD can become a reliable partner for all people under all driving conditions by offering the three values in future models. DUALJET ENGINE – striking the right balance between dynamic performance and outstanding fuel efficiencySuzuki’s new DUALJET engine increases thermal efficiency to convert more thermal energy into motive power by incorporating a number of innovations.One such innovation is the adoption of two fuel injectors per cylinder. The two injectors deliver a fine spray of atomised fuel into the combustion chamber, which makes the fuel more readily combustible and helps increase thermal efficiency. Each of the injectors is positioned close to the combustion chamber for efficient filling of fuel. These combine with an optimally shaped piston crown and compact chamber design to promote more efficient combustion.Boosting the engine’s compression ratio is another method for effectively increasing combustion efficiency. The downside of this approach is the increased likelihood that detonation (knocking or pre-ignition) occurs. Technologies implemented on the DUALJET engine to suppress detonation and further increase thermal efficiency include new piston-cooling oil jets and a water-cooled EGR system that returns some of the exhaust gas to the combustion chamber to reduce combustion temperature.AUTO GEAR SHIFT – makes driving more fun and more economicalAuto Gear Shift combines the fuel economy, cost efficiency and fun-to-drive direct feel of a manual transmission with the easy-to-drive characteristics of an automatic transmission.Auto Gear Shift marks a departure from conventional automated manual transmissions by mounting Suzuki’s "Intelligent Shift Control Actuator" directly to the transmission. Integrating the controller into its electronic hydraulic actuator helps realise a compact and lightweight transmission that produces faster, smoother shift timing.The driver can freely select between the automated Drive mode and Manual mode. In Drive mode, the driver simply operates the accelerator and brake pedals without shifting gears, thereby enjoying the easy driving style of an automatic transmission. Manual mode enhances driving pleasure by enabling the driver to freely and easily change gears at will.Suzuki’s Innovative Automobile TechnologiesNewTechnologiesDual injectors