SUZUKI FAMILYSeptember 201414/15HQ News123Suzuki Automobile Manufacturing Expansion in India On 28th January, Suzuki Motor Corporation’s Board of Directors voted to establish an automobile manufacturing subsidiary, to be named “Suzuki Motor Gujarat Private Limited (SMG)”. The subsidiary will gradually expand production to meet growing domestic market demand and increase exports from that country. The automobile manufacturing plant in Gujarat State plans to start production within 2017.Suzuki Distributor in China Adds Outboard Motor SalesWith the goal of expanding outboard motor sales in China, Suzuki Motor Corporation has named Suzuki Motor (China) Investment Co., Ltd. as sales distributor for Suzuki outboard motors.Suzuki China – a subsidiary that already imports Suzuki automobiles and motorcycles - exhibited outboard motors at the 19th China International Boat Show held in Shanghai on 10th April. At the show, the subsidiary announced the commencement of operation as an outboard motor distributor for the Chinese market, importing outboard motors from Japan and Thailand and distributing them in the domestic China market (excluding Hong Kong).Suzuki China offers a wide range of outboard motors from DF2.5 to DF300AP, intended for both the commercial fishing industry market and the promising pleasure boat market. By offering Suzuki automobiles, motorcycles and outboard motors, Suzuki China endeavors to build the Suzuki brand in China and expand sales of the product line.The Future of Suzuki Green Technology Suzuki held a press conference in Tokyo on 16th April, 2014 with presentation by Representative Director and Executive Vice President, Osamu Honda, to show our roadmap for future efforts on the following environmental technologies for automobiles.Next Generation Lightweight PlatformSuzuki‘s next-generation lightweight platforms are being developed with a focus on integrating them into three types: Mini, A-segment and B-segment. These will be as much as 15% lighter and 30% more rigid than current platforms, and Suzuki is also planning to modularize functional components to increase development efficiency. The new platforms will be rolled out as new models are launched and current models are updated.Increased Powertrain EfficiencySuzuki's goal for petrol engine development is to increase thermal efficiency to 40% by 2020 by refining the R06A engine for mini cars and offering a lineup of naturally-aspirated and direct-injection turbocharged engines for compact cars. Plans also include in-house development of an efficient two-cylinder diesel engine aimed primarily at the Indian market. Efforts to advance transmission development include Auto Gear Shift, Suzuki’s new automated manual transmission.Advanced Energy ManagementFuture plans include the development of advanced energy management technology that couples Suzuki’s ENE-CHARGE system with an ISG (integrated starter generator). This new technology will increase electric regeneration efficiency and output by as much as 30% compared to a current ENE-CHARGE system while also providing a silent restart thanks to the belt drive. In addition, it will also feature a power assist function using an ISG as an electric motor.