SUZUKI FAMILYSeptember 201410/11What’s Goin’ On?Suzuki MotoGP Test Riders Hit the CircuitAt this year’s Suzuka 8-hours, fans were very excited to see that Suzuki’s MotoGP test riders joined the race: Nobuatsu Aoki in Legend of Yoshimura Suzuki Shell ADVANCE, and Randy De Puniet and Takuya Tsuda with Yoshimura Suzuki ADVANCE. In another big treat for the fans, former All Japan Superbike Champion Satoshi Tsujimoto joined Schwantz and Aoki at Suzuka uniting past glory with hopes for the future.Suzuki’s history on the MotoGP circuit is now set to return to the starting line. Its been almost 40 years since Barry Sheene rode to a pole-to-finish victory at the Dutch TT for the Suzuki team in 1975. In the following years many of the sports biggest names rode to fame aboard Suzuki’s motorcycles. MotoGP World Champions for Suzuki’s teams included Franco Uncini in 1982, Kevin Schwantz , one of the most respect riders of his era was World Champion in 1993 and then in 2000 Kenny Roberts, Jr. became the first World Champion of the new millennium. Suzuki has been working hard to prepare to return to MotoGP after bowing out of competition at the end of the 2011 season. Throughout this season and in events from Europe to America to down under in Australia, Suzuki team riders and development teams have been testing and adjusting Suzuki’s challenger for the MotoGP of the future. Each test race provided engineers and riders with the information they needed to make adjustments to the electronics, to the chassis, the tyres or any other detail that will return Suzuki to the MotoGP podium.