Waving Suzuki flags and dressed in Suzuki blue shirts and caps one thousand fans raised their voices as one to cheer on the Suzuki teams at Suzuka 8-hours. Led by the always enthusiastic Managing Director Motoo Murakami the fans yelled loudly when the six riders for Yoshimura Suzuki teams took the stage for their introduc-tion. And when the race began, the thousand voices joined with the roar of the engines and the excited fans stood as one while the Suzuki teams jostled for position in the opening laps. Then as the daylight began to fade and the race entered its final hours one thousand hands waved one thousand blue pen lights. A great cheering team for a great riding team.Our Spirits United as One to Challenge the FutureOne Thousand Voices in One Team in Suzuki Blue Suzuki Riders Share Their ThoughtsAs excitement was building on the day before Suzuka 8-hours, the riders for the Suzuki teams appeared on a talk show to share their thoughts about the upcoming race. Suzuki fans enjoyed hearing the riders for S.E.R.T, Team Kagayama, the Yoshimura Suzuki Legend team, Yoshimura Suzuki Shell Advance and the Hamamatsu Team Titan made up of Suzuki employees.Kevin Schwantz Visits Suzuki HQFormer 500cc World Champion Kevin Schwantz visited Suzuki headquarters in Hamamatsu before the race. While he met with Representa-tive Director and Executive Vice President, Yasuhito Harayama and the Suzuki MotoGP R&D team, Schwantz enjoyed climbing aboard the legendary Pepsi Suzuki bike on display at Suzuki Plaza. This is the motorcycle on which he rode to victory in the 1988 Japanese Grand Prix. One Thousand Voices in One Team in Suzuki Blue