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2016 Jan DF6ANew outboard motors DF4A/5A/6A unveiled at the Dusseldorf Boat Show.
Feb Vitara BrezzaNew compact SUV Vitara Brezza unveiled in India.
Settlement is reached with VW, concludes the arbitration proceedings.
IgnisNew mini crossover Ignis debuts.
Mar BalenoNew Baleno compact car debuts.
Apr SwiftWorldwide sales of Swift reach five million units.
May Suzuki reports the result of investigation to the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT) as to the discrepancies in the automobile emission and fuel efficiency testing process.
Suzuki reports to MLIT on “Instruction for investigation on inappropriate issue related to exhaust emission and fuel consumption tests”.
Jun Suzuki submits an additional report to MLIT on the details of responsibility clarifications and preventive measures.
President and COO Toshihiro Suzuki is additionally appointed CEO.
Jul Hakuto's roverSuzuki signs a corporate partnership agreement with HAKUTO, a Lunar exploration team.
Super CarrySuzuki enters into India's light commercial vehicle segment.
Aug SV650ABSNew SV650ABS sportbike debuts.
MLIT announces the test result of driving resistance and related exhaust emission and fuel consumption.
Sep Kosai PlantAggregate car production at the Kosai Plant reaches 20 million units.
DF175APNew outboard motors DF175AP/DF150AP unveiled at the Genoa Boat Show.
Suzuki submits the follow-up reports to MLIT for progress of preventive measures.
Oct Suzuki and Toyota announce the start of exploring business partnership.
Nov Suzuki decides to establish an industrial training institute in India.
Solio and Solio BandidNew Solio and Solio Bandid compact cars equipped with Hybrid System debuts.
Dec AltoAggregate domestic sales of the Alto minivehicle reaches 5 million units.
Compact SUV Vitara Brezza wins the Indian Car of the Year 2017.