2010 Jan Total sales of Suzuki cars in Japan reached 20 million units.
Mar Maruti Suzuki's annual producution exceeds 1 million units.Maruti Suzuki
Apr Suzuki Hamamatsu Athlete Club inaugurated.
Suzuki marks 40th anniversary of Jimny 4x4 minivehicle debut.40th anniversary of Jimny
Bandit 1250F ABS, 1250cc motorcycle debuts.Bandit 1250F ABS
May Swift Plug-in Hybrid gains type approval from Japanese government.Swift Plug-in Hybrid
Jun Production of new Swift started at Magyar Suzuki in Hungary.New Swift
Aug New Swift compact car debuts in Japan.New Swift
Nov Swift wins 2011 RJC Car of the year award.2011 RJC Car of the year
2011 Jan New Solio compact car debuts.New Solio
Total sales of minivehicle WagonR in Japan reached 3.5 million units.Wagon R
New MR Wagon minivehicle debuts.New MR Wagon
Mar Burgman Fuel-Cell Scooter becomes world’s first fuel-cell vehicle to earn European Whole Vehicle Type Approval.Burgman Fuel-Cell Scooter
Total car production at Maruti Suzuki reached 10 million units.
Jul Construction of new motorcycle production plant in Philippines commence.
Announcement to consolidate motorcycle business in Hamamatsu.
Nov Suzuki terminates the Framework Agreement with Volkswagen AG in accordance with the terms of that agreement.
Suzuki commences arbitration proceedings for return of Suzuki shares held by Volkswagen AG.
Dec Alto Eco minivehicle debuts.New ALTO ECO
New SWIFT SPORT compact car debuts.New SWIFT SPORT
2012 Jan New e-Let’s electric scooter debuts.New e-Let’s
Feb Suzuki establishes a joint venture company "SMILE FC" for developing and manufacturing fuel cell system with Intelligent Energy of UK.Burgman Fuel Cell Scooter
Total sales of Suzuki in India by Maruti Suzuki reached 10 million units.
Mar Suzuki Motor Thailand starts production and sales of the new Swift compact car.New Swift
Suzuki starts the Suzuki Kizuna Carry Caravan shop events throughout Japan.Suzuki Kizuna Carry Caravan
Apr New Ertiga compact car debuts in India and Indonesia.New Ertiga
Jun Maruti Suzuki India Ltd. signs an agreement with the Gujarat state for land purchase.
Jul New on-road sportbike GSR250 debuts.GSR250
Sep New Wagon R and Wagon R Stingray minivehicles debut.New Wagon R and Wagon R Stingray
Total sales of minivehicles in Japan reached 20 million units.
Oct New Alto800 compact car debuts in India.Alto800
Nov Announcement regarding filing for Chapter 11 Reorganization by US subsidiary American Suzuki Motor Corporation, in connection with the winding down of its automobile marketing business.
Next-generation eco-friendly technology the SUZUKI GREEN Technology wins the 2013 RJC Technology of the Year.2013 RJC Technology of the Year
New motorcycle plant in the Philippines completes and starts operation.
2013 Jan V-Strom 650 ABS, 650cc motorcycle debuts.V-Strom 650 ABS
Skywave 650 LX, 650cc scooter debuts.Skywave 650 LX
Total global sales of Swift reached 3 million units.
Mar New Spacia minivehicle debuts.New Spacia
GSR750 ABS sportbike debuts.GSR750 ABS
Total global sales of Swift reached 3 million untis.
Jun New Alto Lapin Chocolat minivehicle debuts.New Alto Lapin Chocolat
Jul New Wagon R and Wagon R Stingray minivehicles debut.New Wagon R
New Swift compact car debuts.Swift
Sep Total sales of WagonR minivehicle in Japan reached 4 million units in 20 years.
New Wagon R eco-car debuts in Indonesia.New Wagon R
New Carry mini truck debuts.New Carry
Nov Decides to setup mega-solar power facility at Nakazato Industrial Park located in Makinohara, Shizuoka Prefecture.
Spacia / Spacia Custom minivehicles win 2013-2014 Japan Car of the Year "Small Mobility" award.Spacia
Dec New Alto Eco minivehicle debuts.New Alto Eco
2014 Jan New Hustler minivehicle debuts.New Hustler
Unveils newly-developed transmission Auto Gear Shift in India.Auto Gear Shift
Construction of the Hamamatsu Plant (Miyakoda Industrial Park, Hamamatsu, Shizuoka) commences.
Feb New Celerio compact car debuts in India.New Celerio
Japanese specification of Hayabusa sportbike debuts.Hayabusa
Burgman 200, 200cc scooter debuts.Burgman 200
Jun V-Strom 1000 ABS, 1000cc sportbike debuts.V-Strom 1000 ABS
Jul Total global production of Suzuki outboard motors reaced 3 million units.
Sep Total global sales of Swift reached 4 million units.Swift
Oct Launches CIAZ midsize sedan for overseas market.CIAZ
DF25A/30A outboard motors win National Marine Manufacturers Association’s Innovation Award.
Unveils VITARA at the Paris Motor Show.
Hustler minivehicle wins 2014-2015 Japan Automotive Hall of Fame’s Car of the Year award.Hustler
Nov Hustler minivehicle wins 2015 RJC Car of the Year award.Hustler
New DF200A and DF200AP outboard motors debut.
Dec Let's and Let's G, 50cc scooters debut.Let's and Let's G
New Alto minivehicle debuts in Japan.New Alto
2015 Jan Suzuki holds the foundation stone ceremony of the new plant in Gujarat, India.
Feb New "Every" and "Every Wagon" minivehicle debut.
New crossover SX4 S-CROSS debuts.SX4 S-CROSS
Mar New SUV VITARA rolls off the line in Hungary.
New Alto Turbo RS minivehicle debuts in Japan.New Alto Turbo RS
Address110 scooter debuts.Address110
GIXXER, a motorcycle produced in India, wins 13 bike of the year awards in India.
May Let's Basket and Address V50, 50cc scooters debut.Let's Basket and Address V50
Aggregate car production at Maruti Suzuki India Ltd. reaches 15 million units.
Suzuki holds opening ceremony of the new automobile plant in Indonesia.
Jun New Alto Lapin minivehicle debuts.New Alto Lapin
Suzuki develops 2-cylinder 0.8L diesel engine and launches in India.2-cylinder 0.8L diesel engine
Announcement of collaboration with PROTON in Malaysia.
Toshihiro Suzuki is appointed as President.
Annoucement of the New Mid-Term Management Plan SUZUKI NEXT 100 (from FY2015 to FY2019).
Jul GSX-S1000 ABS and GSX-S1000F ABS sportbikes debut.GSX-S1000 ABS and GSX-S1000F ABS
Aug New Solio and Solio Bandit compact cars debut.New Solio and Solio Bandit
Suzuki receives an award whereby the tribunal found that the Framework Agreement with VW was validly terminated, and ordered VW to divest its shares in Suzuki.
Sep Suzuki acquires all the shares in Suzuki held by VW.
Oct New ESCUDO compact SUV debuts.New ESCUDO
Nov Alto and Alto Lapin minivehicle win 2016 RJC Car of the Year award.
Dec Alto, Alto Turbo RS, and Alto Lapin minivehicle win the 2015-2016 Car of the Year Japan Small Mobility Award.
New Alto Works minivehicle debuts in Japan.
2016 Jan New outboard motors DF4A/5A/6A unveiled at the Dusseldorf Boat Show.DF6A
Feb New compact SUV Vitara Brezza unveiled in India.Vitara Brezza
Settlement is reached with VW, concludes the arbitration proceedings.
New mini crossover Ignis debuts.Ignis
Mar New Baleno compact car debuts.Baleno
Apr Total global sales of Swift reached 5 million units.Swift
May Suzuki reports to the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT) regarding misconducts in the automobile emission and fuel efficiency testing process.
Jun Suzuki submits an additional report to MLIT on the details of responsibility clarifications and preventive measures.
President and COO Toshihiro Suzuki is additionally appointed CEO.
Jul Suzuki signs a corporate partnership agreement with HAKUTO, a Lunar exploration team.Hakuto's rover
Suzuki enters into India's light commercial vehicle segment.Super Carry
Aug New SV650ABS sportbike debuts.SV650ABS
Sep Total car production at Kosai plant reached 20 million units.Kosai Plant
New outboard motors DF175AP/DF150AP unveiled at the Genoa Boat Show.DF175AP
Suzuki submits the follow-up reports to MLIT for progress of preventive measures regarding misconducts in the automobile emission and fuel efficiency testing process.
(conducted such reports 9 times in total until October 2019)
Oct Suzuki and Toyota announce the start of exploring business partnership.
Nov Suzuki decides to establish an industrial training institute in India.
New Solio and Solio Bandid compact cars equipped with Hybrid System debuts.Solio and Solio Bandid
Dec Total sales of minivehicle Alto in Japan reached 5 million units.Alto
Compact SUV Vitara Brezza wins the Indian Car of the Year 2017.
2017 Jan All-new Swift compact car debuts.Swift
New 150cc sportbike GIXXER debuts.GIXXER
Feb Gujarat plant in India starts operation.
All-new WagonR and WagonR Stingray minivehicle debut.WagonR and WagonR Stingray
Toyota and Suzuki conclude memorandum toward business partnership.
Mar New sportbike GSX-S750 ABS debuts.WagonR and WagonR Stingray
Apr Suzuki, Toshiba and Denso reached basic agreement to establish joint venture company for production of automotive lithium-ion battery packs in India.
May Dzire debuts in India.WagonR and WagonR Stingray
Jun Maximum 350-horsepower DF350A outboard debuts.WagonR and WagonR Stingray
Jul New sportbike V-Strom 250 debuts.WagonR and WagonR Stingray
Japanese specification of GSX-R1000R ABS sportbike debuts.WagonR and WagonR Stingray
Sep Total sales of minivehicles in Japan reached 25 million units.
Nov Swift compact car wins 2018 RJC Car of the Year award.
Toyota and Suzuki conclude memorandum on EV introduction in India.
Dec All-new Spacia and Spacia Custom minivehicles debut.WagonR and WagonR Stingray
XBEE compact car debuts.WagonR and WagonR Stingray
2018 Jan New sportbike GSX-R125 ABS, GSX-R series debuts.
Feb Suzuki unveils all-new Swift made in India and Thailand.
Mar Toyota and Suzuki reach basic agreement toward mutual supply of hybrid and other vehicles in India.
Apr All-new Ertiga unveiled in Indonesia.
May New Super Carry mini truck debuts.
Jun Total car production of Suzuki reached 20 million units.
Transfer of all equity in Changhe Suzuki held by the Suzuki Group to Changhe Automobile in China.
Jul All-new Jimny 4WD vehicles debut.
Aug Reported to MLIT on misconducts in the sample testing of fuel efficiency and emissions.
Sep Hamamatsu Plant is built in Hamamatsu, Shizuoka, Japan, and begins motorcycles production.
Agreement reached for transfer of all equity in Changan Suzuki held by Suzuki to Changan Automobile in China.
Reported to MLIT on re-investigation on misconducts in the sample testing of fuel efficiency and emissions in Japan.
Oct Suzuki unveils all-new KATANA for the overseas market.
Nov Suzuki achieves accumulated automobile production of 2 Million units in Pakistan.
Dec Suzuki Swift wins Indian Car of the Year Award 2019.
2019 Jan Suzuki’s Gujarat Plant No.2 in India starts operation.
Mar Toyota and Suzuki agree to start consideration toward new collaboration.
Apr Suzuki reveals all-new Carry in Indonesia.
Reported to the MLIT on investigation results on improper conducts in the final vehicle inspection in the plants in Japan.
Jun Admonition from MLIT regarding preventive measures for misconducts in the final vehicle inspection.
Suzuki's second Japan-India Institute for Manufacturing receives accreditation by the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.
Suzuki launches the all-new Alto equipped with 660cc engine in Pakistan.
Aug Toyota and Suzuki enter into capital alliance agreement.
Sep Suzuki launches the new mini SUV S-PRESSO in India.
Oct Reported to MLIT on implementation status of preventive measures regarding misconducts in the final vehicle inspection.
(conducted such reports 3 times in total until June 2020)
Nov Suzuki Unveils the All-New V-STROM 1050 and V-STROM 1050XT
Maruti Suzuki and Toyota Tsusho to set up Vehicle Dismantling and Recycling unit in India.