2000 Jan Production of Wagon R+ jointly developed by Suzuki and General Motors in Europe begins at Magyar Suzuki.
Aggregate engine production at the Sagara Plant reaches 1 million units.
Mar Aggregate sales of Suzuki senior cars reaches 100 thousand units in Japan.
Apr Suzuki Arena (new sales network for small vehicles in Japan) dealership starts its operations.
Production of Suzuki cars begins at General Motors de Argentina S.A., Argentina.
Jun Masao Toda is appointed as president and COO, and Osamu Suzuki is appointed as chairman and CEO.
Aug Aggregate car production at the Kosai Plant reaches 10 million units.
Sep Suzuki and General Motors Corp. agree to form new strategic alliance. General Motors Corp. changes its equity stake in Suzuki from 10% to 20%.
Suzuki starts supplying a small car (the Chevrolet MW) to General Motors Corp. for the Japanese domestic market on an OEM basis.
Suzuki invests in a General Motors subsidiary in Colombia.
Oct Suzuki marks its 80th anniversary by establishing the Suzuki Education and Culture Foundation.
Dec Wagon R Solio 1.0 and 1.3-litre passenger vehicle debuts.Wagon R SOLIO
The Toyokawa Plant receives ISO14001 quality-assurance certification.
Grand Escudo (Grand Vitara XL-7) 7-seater sport utility vehicle with a 2.7-litre V6 engine debuts.Grand Escudo
2001 Jan Aerio (Liana) passenger car debuts (launched overseas in March 2001).Aerio
Use of lead is abolished in painting processes at Suzuki motorcycle and automobile plants.
Feb Wagon R ASV-2 becomes the first minivehicle to be approved by Japan's Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport for use in studies on advanced vehicle safety on public roads.
Total global sales of Jimny series reached 2 million untis.
Apr Kind Chair electric power unit for manual wheel chairs debuts.
Suzuki reaches a basic agreement to supply minivehicles to Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. on an OEM basis from 2002.
May Suzuki starts supplying the Senior Car motorized wheelchair to National Bicycle Industrial Co., Ltd. on an OEM basis.
Jul Total Production of ALTO reached 4 million untis.
Aug Suzuki reaches a basic agreement with Kawasaki Heavy Industries Ltd. on business tie-ups for motorcycles.
Sep Suzuki Motor R&D Asia Co., Ltd. (a motorcycle R&D company) is established in Thailand.
Oct Suzuki and General Motors Corp. agree to cooperate on fuel cell technologies.
Nov Chevrolet Cruze passenger vehicle (jointly developed by Suzuki and General Motors) debuts.Chevrolet Cruze
Aerio Sedan (Liana Sedan) passenger vehicle debuts.Aerio Sedan
Dec MR Wagon minivehicle debuts.MR Wagon
DF140 large 4-cycle outboard motor debuts.DF140
Total global sales of Suzuki cars reachd 30 million units.
2002 Jan Alto Lapin minivehicle debuts.Alto Lapin
Mar New assembly line at Kosai Plant No. 1 is built.
May Suzuki gains a majority stake in Indian automaker Maruti Udyog Ltd.
Jun Skywave 650 (Burgman) large scooter debuts.Sky Wave 650
Suzuki, General Motors Corp., Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd. and Isuzu Motors Ltd. form an Alliance Purchasing Team (APT) for joint purchasing of certain items.
Jul Suzuki develops the first direct-injection turbo engine for minivehicles.
Sep Suzuki Motor R&D China Co., Ltd. (a motorcycle R&D company) is established in Beijing, China. 
Nov Suzuki makes P.T. Indomobil Suzuki International (an Indonesian joint venture for car and motorcycle production) a subsidiary. 
2003 Jan Twin two-seater minivehicle debuts.TWIN
Feb Aggresor 21 fishing boat debuts.AGGRESOR 21
Choinori low-cost scooter debuts.CHOINORI
Mar Consolidated sales reach ¥2 trillion.
Apr Hiroshi Tsuda is appointed as president.
Suzuki and Italian automaker Fiat Auto agree on joint development of a sport utility vehicle.
Production of New Ignis begins at Magyar Suzuki Corp. in Hungary.
Sep New Wagon R minivehicle debuts.Wagon R
Oct Suzuki receives ministerial approval from Japan's Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport to test a fuel-cell minicar on public roads.
Nov DF200, DF225 and DF250 large 4-cycle outboard motors debut.DF200
Dec Total sales of minivehicles WagonR in Japan reachs 2 million units.
2004 Jan Total sales of Suzuki minivehicles in Japan reachs 15 million units.
Jun Suzuki and General Motors Corp. agree to produce GM's global engines.
Aug Production of APV all-purpose vehicle begins at P.T. Indomobil Suzuki International.APV
Sep Suzuki announces plans to establish a car engine manufacturer and second car production plant in India.
New Alto minivehicle debuts.ALTO
Oct Let's 4 Pallet 50cc scooter debuts.Let's 4 Pallet
Nov New Swift compact car debuts.SWIFT
2005 Feb Address V125 scooter debuts.
Apr Total car production at Maruti Udoyog Ltd. reachs 5 million units.
May New Escudo (Grand Vitara) compact 4x4 vehicle debuts.ESCUDO
Total motorcycle production in Indonesia reachs 5 million units.
Sep Production of new engine for cars begins at Jiangxi Changhe Suzuki Automobile Co., Ltd., China.
Oct Town Cart motorized chair debuts.TOWNCART
DF150 and DF175 large 4-cycle outboard motors debut.DF150
Nov Swift wins 2005–2006 Japan Car of the Year “Most Fun” award and 2006 RJC Car of the Year award.Swift
2006 Jan New MR Wagon minivehicle debuts.
Feb Total car production at CAMI Automotive Inc., Canada reached 2 million units.
Production of Suzuki motorcycles begins at Bien Hoa, Dong Nai, Vietnam.
Mar New Address V50 and Address V50G 50cc-scooters debut.Address V50
SX4 crossover sport utility vehicle (jointly developed by Suzuki and Fiat) debuts in Europe.SX4
General Motors Corp. changes its equity stake in Suzuki from 20% to 3%.
May Total sales of minivehicle WagonR in Japan reached 2 million units.Wagon R
Total motorcycle production at Thai Suzuki Mootor Co., Ltd reached 5 million units.
New GSR400 sportbike debuts.GSR400
Jun Suzuki and Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. agree to expand their business collaboration.
Jul SX4 crossover sport utility vehicle debuts.SX4
Aug Suzuki announces plans to build a new car plant in Sagara.
Oct XL7 midsize crossover sport utility vehicle with a 3.6-litre V6 engine debuts in U.S.
Nov New Cervo minivehicle debuts.Cervo
2007 Feb Inauguration ceremony is held for three new production facilities in Manesar, India.
Suzuki changes the name of its Indian subsidiary to Maruti Suzuki.
May Suzuki’s two subsidiaries in Pakistan merge.
Jul SX4 Sedan compact car debuts.SX4 Sedan
Nov Total car production at Iwata Plant reached 10 million units.
2008 Jan Suzuki enters the FIA World Rally Championship (WRC).
New Palette minivehicle debuts.Palette
Mar Total car production at Kosai plant reached 15million units.
"Let's" and "Let's G", 50cc scooters debut.
Splash 1.0, 1.2 and 1.3-litre passenger vehicle debuts in Europe.
Jun Total global sales of Swift reached 1 million untis.
Production of Automobile begins at Sagara Plant, in Makinohara, Shizuoka, Japan
Jul Marine Technical Center is built in Arai-cho, Hamana-gun, Shizuoka, Japan.
Oct New Alto compact car for overseas market debuts.New Alto
Suzuki in Japan begins importing and selling Splash produced by Magyar Suzuki in Hungary.Splash
Nov Maruti Suzuki launches A-star compact car.A-star
Wagon R and Wagon R Stingray win 2009 RJC Car of the Year award.win 2009 RJC Car of the Year award
New Alto Lapin minivehicle debuts.New Alto Lapin
Dec Chairman and CEO Osamu Suzuki is additionally appointed President and COO.
2009 Mar Total global sales of Alto reached 10 million units.Alto reaches 30th anniversary
Apr Suzuki opens Suzuki Plaza heritage centre at Hamamatsu headquarters.Suzuki Plaza
Skywave 400 Type S ABS, 400cc scooter debuts.Skywave 400 Type S ABS
May Maruti Suzuki launches Ritz compact car.Ritz
New DF8 and DF9.9 4-cycle outboard motors debut.DF8
Jul Total global sales of Suzuki cars reached 40 million units.
Oct The new sedan Kizashi debuts.Kizashi
Nov Suzuki starts building a plant for automobiles in Rayong, Thailand.
Dec Gladius 400 ABS sportbike debuts.Gladius 400 ABS
Suzuki reaches an agreement to sell all the shares of CAMI Automotive Inc., Canada to General Motors Corporation of Canada.
Suzuki reaches an agreement with Volkswagen (VW) for a comprehensive partnership.Suzuki reaches an agreement with VW for a comprehensive partnership
New Alto minivehicle debuts.New Alto