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1980 Jan GSX motorcycle series (250cc, 400cc, 750cc, 4-cycle) debut.
Feb Suzuki Australia Pty. Ltd. (a sales joint venture) is established in Sydney, Australia.
Mar Machine Industry Fostering and Promoting Foundation is established in commemoration of the 60th anniversary of the company's establishment.
Apr Suzuki enters the general-purpose engine field with the launch of three models of electric power generator.
1981 Mar Gemma 50cc, 2-cycle scooter debuts.
Consolidated sales reach ¥500 billion.
May New Jimny 4x4 minicar debuts.
Aug Suzuki enters business tie-ups with US automaker General Motors Corp. (with GM purchasing a 5.3% stake in Suzuki) and Japanese automaker Isuzu Motors Ltd.
Oct GSX 1100S Katana 1100cc, 4-cycle motorcycle debuts in overseas markets.
1982 Feb Love 50cc, 2-cycle lightweight scooter debuts.
GSX750SGSX750S motorcycle debuts.
Mar Aggregate motorcycle production at the Toyama Plant reaches 5 million units.
Apr Suzuki and the Indian government sign a basic agreement on joint production of Suzuki cars.
Jun New Alto minivehicle debuts.
Aug LT125 125cc, 4-cycle all-terrain vehicle debuts.
Jimny 1000 1.0-litre 4x4 vehicle debuts.
Sep Production of Suzuki cars begins at Pak Suzuki Motor Co., Ltd. in Karachi, Pakistan.
Oct Suzuki signs a car production and distribution contract with Maruti Udyog Ltd., India.
Dec Suzuki signs a technological tie-up basic contract with Land-Rover Santana S.A., Spain.
1983 Jan Ran 50cc, 2-cycle scooter debuts.
Feb Mighty Boy 550cc, 4-cycle mini commercial vehicle debuts.
Mar RG250Γ 250cc, 2-cycle sportbike debuts.
Apr DT60 60hp, 2-cycle, DT 75 75ph, 2-cycle and DT 85 85ph, 2-cycle oil-injection outboard motors debut.
Jun Jitsujiro Suzuki steps down from the chairmanship.
Aug Kosai Second Plant is built for compact automobiles in Kosai, Shizuoka, Japan.
Oct CultusCultus (Swift/Forsa/SA310) 1.0-litre passenger vehicle debuts.
Dec Production of Suzuki cars begins at Maruti Udyog Ltd. in New Delhi, India.
1984 Feb Suzuki New Zealand Ltd. (a direct sales and knockdown production subsidiary) is established in Wanganui, New Zealand.
Mar GSX-R 400cc, 4-cycle sportbike debuts.
Apr Suzuki starts exporting 1.0-litre cars to US automaker General Motors Corp.
Jul Suzuki France S.A. (a direct sales subsidiary) is established in Trappes, France.
Suzuki signs a car production technical assistance contract with China National Aerotechnology Import and Export Beijing Corp.
Aug Suzuki wins the driver championship for the 10th consecutive year at the World Motorcross Grand Prix 125.
Sep New Alto and New Fronte 550cc, 4-cycle minivehicles debut.
Suzuki Motor GmbH Deutschland (a direct sales subsidiary) is established in Heppenheim, Germany.
Nov Jimny 1300 4x4 vehicle series debut.
1985 Mar GSX-R750 750cc, 4-cycle motorcycle debuts.
Production of Suzuki cars begins at Santana S.A., Spain.
May Suzuki signs a motorcycle production technical tie-up contract with Jinan Qingqi Suzuki Motorcycle Co., Ltd. in China.
Jun Aggregate sales of Alto in Japan reach 1 million units.
Aug Suzuki of America Automotive Corp. (a car sales subsidiary) is established in Brea, CA, USA.
Oct Senior Car ET10-S and ET10-D motorized wheelchairs debut.
1986 Mar American Suzuki Motor Corp. (a holding company) is established in Brea, CA, USA.
Aug Suzuki reaches an agreement with General Motors Corp. of Canada for cooperation in establishment of a joint venture company.
1987 Jan Seiichi Inagawa is appointed as chairman.
Feb Alto Works, 550cc, 4-cycle minivehicle debuts.
May Aggregate sales of Carry in Japan reach 2 million units.
Aggregate exports of Suzuki cars from Japan reach 2 million units.
Nov Address 50cc, 2-cycle scooter debuts.
Dec Suzuki reaches an agreement with Mazda Motor Corp. for cooperation in production of minivehicles.
Annual global sales of automobiles reach 1 million units.
1988 Jan New Cervo 550cc, 4-cycle minivehicle debuts.
Apr Suzuki starts marketing passenger vehicles of General Motors Corp. in Japan.
Suzuki closes the Toyama Plant.
May ESCUDOEscudo (Vitara/Sidekick) 1.6-litre, 4-cycle compact 4x4 vehicle debuts.
Jun Suzuki enters a technical tie-up with Korea's Daewoo Group.
Magazine published by Consumers Union of the US claims the Suzuki Samurai is prone to rolling over.
Sep US Department of Transportation rejects a demand from Consumers Union for a Samurai recall.
1989 Feb Manufacturing facility of Suzuki Egypt S.A.E. completed.
Apr Production of Suzuki cars begins at CAMI Automotive Inc. in Ontario, Canada. 
Suzuki reaches an agreement with Mitsubishi Motors Corp. for joint development of small trucks in Indonesia.
Jul Aggregate car production reaches 10 million units worldwide.
Aggregate sales of Alto in Japan reach 2 million units.