1970 Jan Osuka Plant is built for foundry operations in Ogasa, Shizuoka, Japan.
Apr Jimny 360cc, 2-cycle mini 4x4 minivehicle (LJ series) debuts.Jimny
Oct Kosai Plant is built for automobiles in Kosai, Shizuoka, Japan.
Nov Fronte 71 360cc, 2-cycle minivehicle debuts.
1971 Sep Fronte Coupe 360cc, 2-cycle minivehicle and GT750 750cc, 2-cycle motorcycle debut.
Oct Toyokawa Plant is built for production of medium-size and large motorcycles in Toyokawa, Aichi, Japan.
1972 Jan GT380 380cc, 2-cycle motorcycle debuts.
Oct Suzuki Parts Mfg. Co., Ltd. (a parts manufacturing company) is established in Akita, Japan.
1973 May Jitsujiro Suzuki is appointed as president and Shunzo Suzuki is appointed as chairman.
Jun Suzuki Canada Ltd. (a direct sales subsidiary) is established in Ontario, Canada.
1974 Apr Suzuki enters the medical equipment field with the launch of the Motor Chair Z600 motorized wheelchair.
Jun P.T. Suzuki Indonesia Manufacturing (a joint venture for part production) is established in Jakarta, Indonesia.
Aug Suzuki enters the housing field with the launch of prefabricated house and storage shed.Mini-House
1975 May Suzuki begins its first overseas car production with assembly of the Jimny LJ50 4x4 car in Pakistan.
Suzuki suffers severe difficulties owing to delays in compliance with car emission regulations.
1976 Jun Fronte 7-S 450cc, 2-cycle minivehicle debuts.
Nov GS motorcycle series (400cc, 500cc, 750cc, 4-cycle) debuts.
1977 Oct Jimny 8 (LJ80), 800cc, 4-cycle subcompact 4WD vehicle debuts.
Cervo 550cc, 2-cycle minivehicle debuts.
Fronte 7-S 550cc, 2-cycle minvehicle (compliant with 1978 Japanese emission regulations) debuts.
1978 Jun Osamu Suzuki is appointed as president and Jitsujiro Suzuki is appointed as chairman.
1979 May Alto 550cc, 2-cycle minivehicle debuts.Alto
Fronte 550cc, 2 & 4-cycle minivehicle debuts.
Nov Motor chair MC10 module-type motorized wheelchair debuts.