Customer Relations Office

Suzuki’s Customer Relations Office takes care of customer inquiries of various stages from consideration of purchasing products or how to use the products, to maintenance or disposing of products.
The Customer Relations Office, as a “window allowing for direct contact with customers”, always keeps in mind to put ourselves in our customers’ place and to provide quick, correct, and generous actions for various customer inquiries, and constantly makes efforts to improve customer services that assure customer satisfaction.

Improving correspondence quality

Automobile structures are getting more and more complex, such as with advanced driving assist systems that are rapidly becoming popular due to increase in consciousness for safety, as well as hybrid system and on-board information device linked with network. For the safety and reliability of customers, it is indispensable for them to fully understand the products. At the Customer Relations Office, each member is educated as needed so that they can make appropriate explanations regarding these new technologies. Also, we are always making efforts to give clear and concise explanations to various kinds of inquiries from customers who have just started driving, to customers who have been using Suzuki products for a long period of time, so that they can use our products safely and with peace of mind. In order to assure quick and appropriate actions for customers, tools such as the customer support system are maintained. In the case where on-the-spot customer services are required for purchase, maintenance, etc. of our products, we use the nationwide Suzuki Network to provide appropriate supports.

Improving products and service quality

We recognize that the voices of customers are “very important information” to improve the quality and services, and distribute those opinions and suggestions to related departments in order to develop better products and improve manufacturing, quality, sales, and after-sales services. Such important information is carefully handled and collected into a data integration system for efficient information management and posted on our intranet system, with the personal data carefully protected. Also, we have established a system enabling such information to be promptly fed back to the relevant persons in charge depending on the criticality of the information. While not only collecting users’ requests and opinions, but also fully examining the collected information, we often summarize potential customer needs and inform the relevant departments.
For providing more reliable and convenient services, the Customer Relations Office will continuously make efforts for further improvement of operations.

Welfare vehicles (“With” Series)

Sales of our “With” series welfare vehicles began in 1996. These vehicles are designed to provide seniors and the disabled with greater ease of entry and exit of the vehicle.
At present, there are two types, “Courtesy Type” and “Lifting Seat Type”, and four models are available. We are working to develop a lineup of welfare vehicles so that customer can select a vehicle suitable for specific needs and situations.

“With” Series Sales

Wheelchair courtesy vehicle

Wheelchair courtesy vehicles make it easy for persons requiring special care to get into and out of the rear of the vehicle while seated in the wheelchair. The low floor vehicle allows the helper to easily support the passengers who require special care during getting on and off. This vehicle can accommodate either a manual wheelchair or motor chair. Spacia, Every Wagon, and Every has a wheelchair courtesy variant.

Spacia wheelchair courtesy vehicle

Lifting seat type vehicle

This type of vehicle enables the passenger seat for the person requiring nursing care to be moved up, rotated and moved down by remote control. Since the seat can be brought into a position that makes it easy for the person requiring nursing care to get in and out of, the stress on the assistant is reduced. The WagonR has a variant equipped with the lifting passenger seat.

WagonR lifting seat type vehicle

Motorized wheelchairs and electro senior vehicles

Our line of motorized wheelchairs and electro senior vehicles are designed to meet the purpose and needs of seniors and the disabled.

*Motorized wheelchairs and electro senior vehicles (Suzuki Senior Car and Motor Chair) are regarded as pedestrian traffic. A driver’s license is not needed.

Senior Car

The electric wheelchair equipped with a user-controlling steering wheel began to be sold in 1985. This electric wheelchair is mainly designed to enable senior citizens to easily go out. It is capable of moving at adjustable speeds ranging from 1km/h to 6km/h.



Town Cart

The compact type of the senior car, “Town Cart”, considers its use in city areas. It is capable of moving at adjustable speeds ranging from 1km/h to 6km/h. With the turning radius of 1.1 meters, it can provide small turns.

Town Cart

Motor Chair

This is a standard user-controlling type electric wheelchair, which began to be sold in 1974.Specially designed for the persons with impairment, this electric wheelchair is controlled by means of a joystick for direction and speed. It enables 360-degree turning without moving back and forth by directly propelling the two rear wheels with two separate motors. Since it can be used both indoors and outdoors, it expands the user’s field of activities.

MC 3000S

Safe Driving Training Program “For Preventing Accidents”

In order for people to use our electric wheelchair in a safe manner, Suzuki is making efforts to promote better understanding of operation method by conducting face-to-face sales and showing how to operate an actual wheelchair. Furthermore, we conduct the “Suzuki Electric Wheelchair Safe Driving Program”, which is a training session for the people who are currently using our electric wheelchair, working in conjunction with local police departments, traffic safety committee, etc. We try to improve the trainee’s awareness of traffic safety and prevention of traffic accidents etc. through seminars and practical training.
Furthermore, to enhance safety driving of first-time users of electric wheelchairs, Suzuki is promoting awareness of safety driving by handing out brochure for the safe usage of those products.

Number of brochures handed out

  FY2015 FY2016 FY2017 FY2018 FY2019 5-year Total
Brochure 10,000 8,153 8,000 16,000 12,100 54,253

Detail of brochure can be seen at the homepage of Electric Wheelchair Safety Promotion Association (in Japanese language only).

Trends in Safe Driving Training Programs Conducted

Activities of Electric Wheelchair Safety Promotion Association

The Electric Wheelchair Safety Promotion Association was established by manufacturers and dealers to promote safe and proper use of electric wheelchairs for users. It aims to contribute to safety of road traffic by promoting safe and healthy use of electric wheelchairs and their popularization. As a member of the association, Suzuki is promoting activities for using electric wheelchairs with ease.

Electric Wheelchair Safety Instruction Commendation System

Sponsored by the Traffic Bureau of the National Police Agency (NPA), the Electric Wheelchair Safety Instruction Commendation System promotes traffic safety education and PR activities. It recognizes and commends concerned parties that take an active role in the prevention of wheelchair related traffic accidents. Suzuki takes an active part in this commendation system as an organizer of the Electric Wheelchair Safety Promotion Association.

NPA Electric wheelchair Safety Instruction Commendation Result

FY2019 Excellent Suzuki Motor Sales Nagano Inc.
Great Suzuki Motor Sales Kochi Inc.

Efforts for safety

Suzuki reinforces “efforts for safety technologies” and actively improves the safety so that every single person including pedestrian and bicycle, motorcycle, and automobile drivers can live in a safe mobility society with each other.

Suzuki Safety Support

Suzuki Safety Support was born from our wish to have everyone enjoy their cars safely.
In order to prevent accident and secure customer’s safety in case of an accident, we will make our utmost effort to minimize even near-miss accidents through various driving-support technologies.

SUZUKI Safety Support

Products installed with Suzuki Safety Support (As of November 2020)

Installed model






Collision-mitigation braking Dual Sensor Brake Support Dual Sensor Brake Support Dual Camera Brake Support Dual Camera Brake Support Dual Sensor Brake Support Dual Camera Brake Support
Back-up Brake Support
False Start Prevention Function Front/Rear Front/Rear Front/Rear Front/Rear Front/Rear Front/Rear
Lane Departure Prevention Function        
Lane Departure Warning Function
Weaving Warning Function
Adaptive Cruise Control    
(follows at safe distances between vehicles in all speed range)

(follows at safe distances between vehicles in all speed range)

(follows at safe distances between vehicles in all speed range)
Road Sign Recognition Function    
Head-up Display      
High Beam Assist
Preceding Car Departure Announcing Function
Blind Spot Monitor          
Rear Cross Traffic Alert          
Camera for all-direction monitor  
  • *Each system functions under certain condition. For detail, please check their instructions.
  • *Systems vary depending on model, variant, and specification. For detail, please refer to each model’s catalogue.

Main systems of Suzuki Safety Support

Topics Started offering aftersales sudden start prevention system, Misstep Acceleration Prevention System

Suzuki started offering aftersales sudden start prevention system called the Misstep Acceleration Prevention System from August 2020. The system is offered as aftersales parts for the WagonR*1, and the Company plans to expand the lineup.
The Misstep Acceleration Prevention System can be installed onto a vehicle that the driver currently uses*2. The system alerts with lamp and buzzer if it detects an obstacle in front or behind upon start. If it detects that the accelerator pedal is stepped hard under such condition, it suppresses engine output.
Suzuki is making efforts in popularizing the Suzuki Safety Support preventive safety technologies toward the future with no accidents. The Misstep Acceleration Prevention System offers peace of mind to customers who are favoring the vehicle for a long time.

Ultrasonic sensor (front)

*Sensor color is only black.

Ultrasonic sensor (rear)


*Display is lit for explanatory purpose.


  1. Alerting upon detection of obstacle in front or behind, and suppressing acceleration
  2. Suppressing acceleration when backing-up with no obstacle behind


  1. Ultrasonic sensors (2 each in front and rear)
  2. Display size: Width 77mm x Length 44mm x Height 35mm
  • *1 For FX variant sold from September 2012 to July 2014, excludes model installed with Radar Brake Support, 5MT, 20th Anniversary Model, lifting seat type vehicle, and Stingray.
  • *2 The system may not be installed under certain conditions, and the dealer for installing the system is limited. Please consult with your nearest distributor or dealer.

Efforts for motorcycles

Activities on safety and crime-prevention in cooperation with motorcycle industry

As a member of Japan Motorcycle Promotion & Safety Association, Suzuki sends some instructors to various motorcycle safe riding schools and holds safe driving seminars such as “Good Rider Meeting”, in cooperation with Motorcycle Safe Riding Promotion Committee.
Also, we are promoting the “Good Rider Anti-Theft Registration” activity for registration of motorcycles to prevent theft.
We cooperate for training of trainers and promotion of “Motorcycle Safe Riding Special Trainer Training Session” and “Centralized Training Workshop for Special Trainers” organized by Japan Traffic Safety Association (JTSA) by sending instructors. In addition, we are also involved in the annual “National Motorcycle Safe Riding Competition” organized by Japan Motorcycle Promotion & Safety Association by sending judges and motorcycles for the competition in order to widely enlighten safety for motorcycles.
On August 19 determined as “the Day of Motorcycle” according to the way of reading “819 (bike)” in Japanese, we hold events for appealing enjoyment of riding motorcycles and traffic safety in cooperation with motorcycle industry such as Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association, Inc. (JAMA).

Suzuki Safety School

Since FY2008, we hold Suzuki Safety School periodically at the motorcycle school area in Ryuyo Proving Grounds to teach users of Suzuki motorcycles how to enjoy riding safely.
We accept a broad range of participants including beginners, return riders (who didn’t ride their motorcycles for a long time), and experienced riders (who want to learn new traffic rules).
We hold this school as a practical event enabling people to learn, with fun, not only such basic techniques as “how to run, turn and stop”, but also “hazard anticipation” and “driving on highways”. We held this school 4 times in FY2019 and 145 persons participated.

Suzuki Under-30 Safety School

In 2019, Suzuki Under-30 Safety School was held for the first time in 9 areas (Hokkaido, Tohoku, Kanto, Chubu, Kinki, Chugoku, Shikoku, Kyushu, and Okinawa) for beginner riders aged 30 or younger who purchased Suzuki motorcycles.
The school holds simple lecture and riding lesson as a fundamental course for safety riding. The participant enjoyed learning fundamental practices of running, cornering, and stopping, to braking and mid-speed balancing. They were held 9 times in 2019 and 90 persons participated.

Cooperation with “Hamamatsu, the hometown of the Motorcycle”

“Hamamatsu, the hometown of the Motorcycle” is an event to spread information, attractions, and the culture of Hamamatsu, where the domestic motorcycle industry was born, nationwide. This event started in 2003 and the year 2019 was its 17th time.
Suzuki is contributing to foster personnel who have dreams on motorcycle and take the lead in manufacturing in new generation, and to create the town where motorcycle lovers get together through touring project and industrial tourism by cooperating this event.

In-house safe driving seminars

As a manufacturer and distributor of motorcycles, we regularly hold motorcycle driving safety seminars for our new employees, motorcycle commuters, related companies, employees of distributors, etc. We held this seminar once in 2019 and 8 persons participated.
We will continue to conduct such seminars to train them to improve their safe riding awareness, basic motorcycle operation, and riding manner, as well as to follow the traffic rules, as employees working for motorcycle companies, who must be the role models for other riders.

Sunday SRF* in Ryuyo Off-Road Seminar

To promote off-road motor sports, a technical riding school for a broad range of riders, from beginners to experienced riders, who purchased Suzuki’s competition model DR-Z50 and RM series motorcycles, is held at the Ryuyo Off-Road Course every year.
A rider with International A License is invited as an instructor to provide one-on-one coaching session.
We had the school 6 times in 2019 and 218 participants in total.
Many Suzuki customers have taken part in this event and learned basic off-road riding techniques. This event will be held on a regular basis.

  • *SRF (Suzuki Riding Forum) is a club organization aiming to upgrade the off-road riding technique of users of Suzuki competition model motorcycles for safe and proper use of them, as well as to familiarize the off-road motor sports in Japan through not only lessons in machine maintenance and riding technique, but also mental training.