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history of suzuki 4X4history of suzuki 4X4

"A vehicle that can take on rough roads and go to places that cars couldn't go in the past"

With this philosophy, our first four-wheel drive model was developed in 1970.
This was the start of allgrip, Suzuki's renowned four-wheel drive technology.

Over nearly half century since then, Suzuki has refined its 4WD technology, at one time to expand driver's range of activities,
at another for greater peace of mind… At various time and various locations, Suzuki has met various demands.

And now, all that passion and all those accumulated technologies have been passed thorough evolution down to the allgrip Series.


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The LJ50 was exported Australia it had 550cc unit.

  • LJ50

The LJ10 achieved success in the domestic market but Suzuki knew that other countries, without Japan's mini-car category, would need a bigger engine.

Countries don't come any bigger than Australia, so when the LJ50 was exported there it had a 550cc three-cylinder, water-cooled two-stroke unit that gave better power.

The spare wheel moved to the outside, on a hanger at the rear allowing two rear passenger seats, both facing each other.

Hard and soft-top versions were available in Australia, where the LJ50 soon gained a reputation as a fun go anywhere vehicle.