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history of suzuki 4X4history of suzuki 4X4

"A vehicle that can take on rough roads and go to places that cars couldn't go in the past"

With this philosophy, our first four-wheel drive model was developed in 1970.
This was the start of allgrip, Suzuki's renowned four-wheel drive technology.

Over nearly half century since then, Suzuki has refined its 4WD technology, at one time to expand driver's range of activities,
at another for greater peace of mind… At various time and various locations, Suzuki has met various demands.

And now, all that passion and all those accumulated technologies have been passed thorough evolution down to the allgrip Series.


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Development of lightweight 4x4 vehicle.

  • LJ10

The first Suzuki 4x4 was also the first mass-production 4x4 in Japan's domestic mini-car category. With development starting in 1968, the first Suzuki 4x4 lightweight vehicle became available in 1970 and was marketed with only three seats.

In order to comply with limitations on the class's external dimensions the spare tyre had to be fitted behind the front passenger's seat.

It was a simple vehicle with zipped canvas doors and leaf springs to cope with big loads for the light and tiny 4x4 (it weighed just 600kg and had a wheelbase of 1930mm). A separate chassis allowed the use of lightweight body panels.

The first LJ was powered by a new but equally small twin cylinder air-cooled two-stroke turning out 25bhp from its 360cc.