Suzuki VR Experience

You want to travel around the world on the V-Strom?

Suzuki proposes the third ”Suzuki VR Experience.”

The film features Portugal and the new V-Strom 1000.


Touring with friends, ride-in-tandem with a partner, and various types of roads you encounter on trip.

The V-Strom 1000 is an all-round supporter of your adventure under any circumstances.

Start your carefree travel.

Watch and ride to check out the reliability and the feeling of freedom brought by the V-Strom.

Yes, the V-Strom always stands by you.

What is the VR (Virtual Reality) ?

The VR app involves using VR goggles and a smartphone to view videos recorded by a 360˚ camera mounted to a motorcycle.

It allows the customer to look in any direction, either up, down, left or right (360˚).

A key characteristic of the VR videos is, unlike standard rectangular video images, VR images create the sensation that one is immersed in the video, so that it feels like the customer is actually experiencing what is shown.

Making Movie

Check “Suzuki VR Experience” x New V-Strom 1000

The VR videos can be experienced at participating Suzuki dealers that offer the Suzuki VR Experience.

For more information, refer to the information posted on the local website in the corresponding country!

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