suzuki Way of Life
suzuki Way of Life suzuki Way of Life

Suzuki VR Experience

Suzuki has created special VR content for the new GSX-R1000/R.
The first scenario features the Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit,
which is one of the MotoGP venues.
There, Suzuki conducted the GSX-R1000/R World Wide Press Launch,
where Kevin Schwantz, the legendary champion MotoGP rider,
rode the new GSX-R1000R fitted with VR cameras.
The resulting videos allow customers to virtually experience
test riding the GSX-R1000/R
and experience how Kevin Schwantz rides the GSX-R1000R.
On a separate day than the test ride event,
two new Suzuki MotoGP riders, Andrea Iannone and Alex Rins,
also participated in recording VR videos.
They also rode the new GSX-R1000/R fitted with VR cameras.
These videos enable VR users to virtually experience
the acceleration, braking, cornering,
and other MotoGP riding techniques and the potential of the new GSX-R1000/R!

suzuki Way of Life

What is the VR(Virtual Reality) ?

The VR app involves using VR goggles and a smartphone to view videos recorded by a 360˚ camera mounted to a motorcycle.
It allows the customer to look in any direction, either up, down, left or right (360˚).
A key characteristic of the VR videos is, unlike standard rectangular video images, VR images create the sensation that one is immersed in the video, so that it feels like the customer is actually experiencing what is shown.

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