Suzuki - First on 4-Wheels  2008 Suzuki Celebrtes 25th Anniversary of Inventing the 4-Wheel ATV First on 4-wheels

The 4-Wheel Revolution
High Performance for Work and Play

In 1983, Suzuki introduced the world's first production 4-wheel ATV, the memorable Suzuki LT-125. Dirt Wheels magazine enthused "…try one of the LT-125s down at your local Suzuki shop. It's exactly what you've been looking for." The pioneering 4-wheeler transformed the rapidly growing ATV industry and signaled the beginning of Suzuki's ATV "wonder years".

As the popularity of 3-wheelers gave way to Suzuki's market-transforming revolution, SMC expanded the 4-wheeler family with innovative utilitarian features to improve everyday life – at work or play - for everyone from novices to daily utility riders. Suzuki 4-wheelers became a popular choice for farming, ranching, outdoor recreation and worksite applications. Today hard-working Suzuki ATVs are everywhere, even serving workers in natural disaster relief and rescue. SMC also applied its deep sportbike expertise to expansion of the line, creating 4-wheelers that set championship records in competitive events and confirmed Suzuki's legendary racing DNA.