"The Ultimate 4-Stroke Outboard "

On the occasion of celebrating the 50th anniversary of Suzuki outboard motors, we declare "The Ultimate 4-Stroke Outboard" as our new slogan to indicate the direction toward which Suzuki Outboard Motors will strive.

Suzuki entered the market and started the development of outboard motors later than the other Japanese brands. While development has shifted from 2-stroke outboards to 4-stroke models, we have always poured great passion into outboard motor development. We have continuously set high targets in terms of performance and quality, and achieved them. As a result, Suzuki outboard motors have received the NMMA Innovation Award seven times, the highest number of awards in the 4-stroke outboard world, and are highly regarded.

"The Ultimate 4-Stroke Outboard" indicates our resolution that every member related to Suzuki Outboards including those in marketing, sales and service departments will unite to offer the utmost "excitement" and "satisfaction" to our customers world-wide, starting with development and manufacturing, and extending to sales and after-sales service. Our innovative, industry-leading technology allows us to continue offering the world's No.1 4-stroke outboard motors in terms of their drivability, performance and reliability as we pursue the marine way of life together with our customers.