October 23,2003
The Mobile Terrace was born as a future image of fuel cell vehicles with the concept "innovative packaging creates relaxing space." By optimizing the General Motors' fuel cell platform "Hy-wire" for a small car, the Mobile Terrace offers, within its 4-meter-long body, brand-new attractive interior space with 3-row seat layout and a wide range of utilities. Sliding doors on both sides, gullwing-type roof to enjoy blue skies and sliding functions of seats and floors create a relaxing ambiance wherever you go with the Mobile Terrace.
Spacious interior space for 6 persons in a 3-row seat layout in the 4-meter-long body.
Fuel cell unit and motor placed under the floor results in freer interior layout, and By-Wire technology such as steer by-wire and brake by-wire enables more efficient designing of the interior.
Wide use of glass materials gives a free atmosphere, and round designs and warm tones of colors contribute to creating relaxing space.
Sliding doors, gullwing-type roof-top, rotating seats that slide outward and instrument panel that can be changed into the table; every elements in this car offers open-terrace-like space you can bring along as you like.
22-inch large monitor in the instrument panel: Its display of information is simple and easy to read, and it is easily controlled by the touch panel or the speech recognition system.
Dimension Overall length 4,050mm
Overall width 1,695mm
Overall height 1,740mm
Wheelbase 3,000mm
Seating 6
Power unit GM Hy-Wire, In-wheel type motor
Suspension Front / Rear Double wishbone
Tires 225/40R18