Magyar Suzuki Celebrates Production Milestone

Eight thousand enjoy the concert by Italian singers.
Magyar Suzuki celebrates production of one-millionth car.

Magyar Suzuki — established 15 years ago in Esztergom, Hungary — has produced its one millionth car, a five-door Swift released on 6 October. The company deeply appreciates the help of suppliers, dealers and employees in reaching this historic milestone. Above all, Magyar Suzuki is grateful to customers for believing in Suzuki and making the venture a success. The milestone was celebrated with a concert on 20 October in the Papp Laszlo Arena, featuring famous Italian singers Toto Cutugno, Bobby Solo, Ricchi E. Povery and Annalisa Minetti. Managing Director Kazuhisa Toda of Magyar Suzuki thanked the audience of 8,000 guests for their support.
   Founded in 1991 with an investment of 14 billion forints, Magyar Suzuki initially produced 1.0-litre and 1.3-litre Swifts, reaching the ten thousandth car in 1993. With a current annual capacity of 220,000 units, the company plans to steadily increase production to 300,000 in 2008.
   In 2003, Suzuki started the Suzuki European Renaissance programme aimed at renewing the model range to satisfy European market requests, followed by introduction of the new Swift in 2005 and the SX4 Hatchback in 2006. The Swift has been Hungary’s most popular car since 1995, while new car sales indicate that Suzuki has led the market as the most popular brand for the past 10 years.
   Magyar Suzuki also stresses environmen-tal responsibility; the environment-friendly technology used in Esztergom fulfils ISO 14001 quality criteria, and engines of the latest models meet Euro IV requirements. Suzuki demands ISO 9001:2000 quality assurance certification from all suppliers and all dealerships.

  German Federal Republic Honours Retired Suzuki Executive

From left to right, Mr Torsten Herrmann, Dr.Ursula Jungherr, Mr. Peter Verloop, Mr. Takashi Iwatsuki and Mrs. Verloop.

The German Federal Republic has honoured former Chief Executive of Suzuki Auto Deutschland and Suzuki International Europe GmbH (SIE), Peter A. Verloop, for his professional and voluntary contributions to the automobile industry. His development of dealer networks, employment creation and support of education for younger worker were factors in selection of the retired executive to receive the Cross of Merit with Ribbon,presented on 16 June, 2006 in Bad Homburg, in the presence of Mayor Torsten Herrmann of Bensheim, then SIE President Takashi Iwatsuki and President Volker Lange of the Association of International Vehicle Manufacturers (VDIK). “He has contributed to a good relationship between importers and German manufacturers”, stated the first Mayor of Bad Homburg, Dr. Ursula Jungherr at the presentation.
   Mr. Verloop worked as Managing Director of Suzuki Auto Deutschland in Oberschleissheim for almost 20 years before the company was transferred to Bensheim in Hessen in 2003, where he dedicated three years to the foundation of the new company, as Chairman and CEO of SIE, to the foundation of the new company, coordinating automobile, motorcycle and marine operations throughout Germany. As a native of the Netherlandseducated abroad, he brought international experience and skills to the successful management of the interests of a Japanese manufacturer in the German market, while his volunteer activities contributed to harmony and mutual appreciation.
Workshop participants enjoy a maintenance lecture.
Airbag deployment demonstration
Suzuki Automobile Fans Enjoy Workshops

Suzuki drivers in Singapore enjoyed recent opportunities to meet and talk about their common passion — The Swift. The Making Sense of Your Suzuki Workshop, backed by popular demand, was offered in two-hour sessions on both 28 June and 25 August. Drivers were briefed on how to check battery fluid, coolant liquid and spark plugs, and more. Participants learned about the Swift VVT engine and how the ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) contributes to performance. There were also live demonstrations of how an airbag deploys in an emergency and the correct way to change a tyre.
   Most customers attending said that the session helped them understand and properly maintain the cars, and that they especially enjoyed the demonstration sessions with technical experts to answer their queries.Champion Motors will be organizing more car care workshops as part of the continuous customer care programme.