Improving corporate value

The Suzuki Group has established the New Mid-Term Management Plan SUZUKI NEXT 100, a five-year plan from 2015. The Suzuki Group will be celebrating its 100th anniversary of foundation in 2020. In order to continuously grow for the next 100 years, the Group will put efforts into strengthening of management base by positioning the next five years as the period to stabilise the foundation of management. The Group will tackle as Team Suzuki to globally develop manufacturing base and overhaul working procedure.
Under the New Mid-Term Management Plan, the Suzuki Group will unite as one to enhance corporate value and aim for sustainable growth.
For Mid-Term Management Target, the Group will aim to promptly exceed its highest-ever consolidated net sales marked in FY2007 (¥3,502.4 billion) by steadily increasing. By balancing between investments for growth and strengthening of management base, Suzuki will consistently promote efforts for enhancing corporate value.

Mid-Term Management Target Value

  FY2015 Result FY2016 Result FY2019 Target
Consolidated Net Sales ¥3,180.7 billion ¥3,169.5 billion ¥3,700.0 billion
Operating Income Margin 6.1% 8.4% 7.0%
ROE 9.6% 15.4% 10%
payout ratio
13.6% 12.1% more than 15%
R&D expenses ¥131.5 billion ¥150.0 billion ¥200.0 billion
(Total capital expenditures for five years) (¥1,000 billion)

* Foreign exchange rates (FY2019)···¥115/US$, ¥125/Euro, ¥1.85/Indian Rupee, ¥0.90/100 Indonesian Rupiah, ¥3.50/Thai Baht

Changes in consolidated results

Net asset per share and stock price at the year end

Selected as the finalist for the 6th Corporate Value Improvement Award by the Tokyo Stock Exchange

Suzuki has been selected as one of the four finalists for the 6th Corporate Value Improvement Award by the Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc. (TSE)
TSE has been presenting the Corporate Value Improvement Award since 2012 to listed companies that adopt management practices aimed at increasing corporate value from the vantage point of investor interests. Candidates are chosen from all listed companies (approximately 3,500 companies).
Our selection as the finalist indicates that the Company is realising high improvement of corporate value through Corporate Value-Improving Management that further takes in the view of investors such as by utilising capital cost-conscious ROE.

For our shareholders and investors

The Group will be celebrating its 100th anniversary of foundation in 2020. The Group will put efforts into strengthening of management base, by placing five years from 2015 as the foundation for the Group to continuously grow for the next 100 years. For the moment, the Group will prioritise growth investment centering on India, while recognising that capital efficiency and shareholders’ return are also important management issues. In light of this, the Group will be responding to the capital issue by balancing enhancement of shareholders’ equity and dividend payment.
In the New Mid-Term Management Plan SUZUKI NEXT 100, the Company set the consolidated dividend payout ratio of more than 15% as the shareholder return target in FY2019.
As for FY2016, the company utilised the gain on sales of investment securities for investment for growth and improvement of shareholder’s equity ratio, as done so in the previous year, and set the year-end dividends based on the net income attributable to owners of the parent excluding the gain on sales of investment securities, which was ¥27.00 per share, up by ¥10.00 per share from the previous fiscal year. As a result, the annual dividends including interim dividends was ¥44.00 per share and up by ¥12.00 per share from the previous fiscal year. Dividend payout ratio based on the net income attributable to owners of the parent excluding the gain on sales of investment securities is 15.2%.
In line with our basic policy, the surplus is distributed twice a year in the forms of the interim dividend and the year-end dividend. According to the resolution of our Board of Directors, the interim dividend is available for the shareholders as of 30 September every year as the record date, which is stipulated in our company contract. The decision-making meetings for the dividends are the Board of Directors for the interim dividend, and the shareholder meeting for the year-end dividend.

Cash dividends per share

*The dividend payout ratio in FY2015 and FY2016 keep more than 15%, based on net income after excluding gain on sales of investment securities.

Shareholder benefit program

As a token of appreciation for the shareholders’ continuous support for Suzuki and in hope of further patronage of Suzuki’s products, we offer a shareholder benefit program.
This program was established in December 2005 in commemoration of winning two awards: "RJC Car of The Year" and "2005-2006 Japanese Car of The Year" ("Most Fun" Prize) for the Suzuki's world strategic model "SWIFT" in hope of further patronage of Suzuki's shareholders.
The number of shareholders has been changing as shown below.

Changes in the number of shareholders at fiscal year ends

Eligible shareholders

Shareholders who hold a minimum unit of shares (100 shares) as of 31 March every year

Gift content

The gift consists of a set of acacia honey, which is a specialty product of Hungary where our European production base MAGYAR SUZUKI CORPORATION is located, and a pack of German-made rock salt that contains lots of well-balanced natural mineral. Both of them are imported and sold by the Suzuki Group.

Shareholder benefit program
(a gift set of Hungarian Acacia honey and rock salt)

This product is also available by mail from our related company Suzuki Business Co., Ltd.

Investor Relations*

Suzuki Group has been trying to be a company reliable for our stakeholders including shareholders, customers, business partners, local societies, employees, etc. that further contributes to international society and continues development through fair and efficient corporate activities. We will disclose the information defined by applicable laws and regulations immediately, correctly and fairly so that we can be more reliable for stakeholders and societies, also try to actively release the information considered to be effective in having us understood better and further improve transparency of the corporate.

IR materials on homepage

In particular, we provide investor relations information such as briefings, corporate information and data, which are required in making investment decisions, through the Global Suzuki homepage. (
Within the same website, we disclose the Suzuki Disclosure Policy which indicates Suzuki’s basic policy on disclosure, internal system for timely disclosure and policy for constructive dialogue with shareholders.

* IR (Investor Relations) means activities of a company to offer the company information necessary for investment for shareholders and investors in a timely, fair and continuous manner.

Open periodical seminar for analysts and institutional investors

The settlement briefing for analysts is held every quarter of the year. Voice file and the actual major Q&A at the briefing are uploaded on our website for the convenience of shareholders and investors (uploaded only on Japanese website in Japanese language).
In addition, investors' conference and other presentation meetings, domestic/international IR meetings, new model announcement shows (to invite analysts), and plant tour events for analysts are held as well.

Set-up of department for IR

For IR-related sections, we have Corporate Management/IR Dept. under Corporate Planning Office as an IR contact in the headquarters, Tokyo IR Group as an IR contact in Tokyo, and Accounting Group of Finance under Finance Department for materials to be disclosed, such as brief note on the settlement of accounts.

IR for foreign investors

The following IR activities are conducted for foreign investors.

  • Providing IR information for foreign investors on the website
    The equivalent information to that on the Japanese IR page for domestic investors is disclosed in English (, such as the brief note on the settlement of accounts, presentation documents for explanatory meeting for investors, proxy statement, resolution notice of shareholders' meeting, timely disclosure by the Tokyo Stock Exchange, and IR news.
  • Attending domestic IR conferences for foreign investors
  • Implementation of IR overseas
    We hold IR meetings or individual meetings for foreign investors in Europe, North America, etc.
  • Providing English data on brief note on the settlement of accounts to TDnet (Timely Disclosure Network) Database Service of the Tokyo Stock Exchange

IR event for individuals

The Company periodically holds IR presentations for individual investors by officers or IR representative, along with the securities company.
Since the 142nd annual meeting of shareholders held on 27 June 2008, we have been inviting shareholders to the Suzuki Plaza, after the meeting, for better understanding of Suzuki. The Suzuki Plaza is a facility, which has been open to the public since April 2009, for showing the history of Suzuki, introducing its worldwide business activities, and comprehensively explaining the automobile production process under the theme of Suzuki's way of manufacturing.

Suzuki Plaza

Visit to the Suzuki Plaza