India Maruti Suzuki India Limited

Maruti Suzuki is committed to serve the society through its social initiatives. The company considers local community and society as a direct stakeholder group. Further, it undertakes social projects to improve their wellbeing and quality of life. The CSR projects of the company can be categorised into three broad areas namely community development, skill development and road safety.
The company set up a CSR Committee of the Board on January 2014, and has a CSR policy duly approved by the Board. The CSR Committee met twice during FY2016 to review implementation of approved projects, approve CSR annexure for the annual report and provide direction on social projects.
In addition to review by the CSR Committee, all CSR projects are centrally reviewed and monitored every month at the corporate level. Further, all CSR projects are audited by internal as well as external statutory auditors for compliance as per the law and CSR policy of the company.
In FY2015, the company registered a not-for-profit entity “Maruti Suzuki Foundation” which began operations in FY2016. Going forward, the company intends to undertake all its CSR activities through Maruti Suzuki Foundation.
Maruti Suzuki’s CSR spend has been consistently increasing over the years. In FY2016, the company’s CSR spend went up by 14% to 894.5 million rupees (approximately 1,476 million yen). The company spent over 2% of its average net profit of the previous three years on CSR.

Community development

The local community is an important stakeholder group for the company and it is committed to the wellbeing of the local community by implementing social projects in 24 villages around Gurgaon, Manesar and Rohtak facilities in the state of Haryana, and Hansalpur facility in the state of Gujarat.

Water and sanitation

The company undertakes projects including solid and liquid waste management, construction of individual household toilets and other behavioral change programs, in consultation with the community. The key water and sanitation initiatives undertaken in FY2016 include:

  • Laying of 10km sewer line, and repair of paved street.
  • Providing 8 sweepers in villages for daily cleaning of streets.
  • Construction of 1,100 household toilets
  • Installation of water ATMs in villages for clean drinking water.


In partnership with the local community and the government education department, the company is upgrading infrastructure of government schools. The school infrastructure improvement work includes construction of toilets for boys and girls, new classrooms, classroom doors, windows, boundary wall, building repair, drinking water facilities, fabrication and electrical work, horticulture work and provision of furniture. The school upgrade program benefits over 25,000 children and helps in better enrollment and retention of children. The key education related initiatives undertaken in FY2016 include:

  • Distributing 179 scholarships
  • Giving 728 Academic Excellence Awards

Rural development

These projects are taken up to revamp and repair the common community infrastructure as per needs of the community. The rural development projects undertaken in FY2016 include:

  • Construction of community halls
  • Crematorium repair
  • Construction of road

Skill development

Maruti Suzuki is working closely with Industrial Training Institutes (ITIs) for their upgrade with an objective to enhance employability of youth and create a pool of trained manpower for industry. The company is undertaking the following initiatives in skill trainings.

Upgrade of government vocational and technical training institutes

The company is working towards improving the quality of training by upgrading training infrastructure, facilitating overall development of students and staff, providing industry exposure to students and staff and offering industry oriented add-on courses in government ITIs.

Skill enhancement in automobile trade

The company enters into technical tie-ups with Industrial Training Institutes (ITIs) across the country along with dealers to upgrade the courses linked to auto industry such as mechanics, automobile and denting and painting course. Through this project, the company upgrades training facilities, trains the trainers and provides study material and practical training to students. Students passing out of these ITIs are employed at the dealer workshops.
The company is currently working with 141 ITIs spread across 27 states of India to upgrade automobile related trades. This initiative has so far benefitted over 17,500 students in FY2016. In the last two years, over 3,300 students from these ITIs got employment in service workshops of the company’s dealers while a sizeable number was absorbed in workshops of other companies.
Maruti Suzuki takes the initiative to upgrade automobile trade at ITIs from basic level to advanced level by setting up of Automobile Skill Enhancement Centres (ASEC) at some ITIs. The ASECs are equipped with a model service workshop to provide practical training. Together with this, the company appoints full-time trainers, provides tools and equipment and partners with local Maruti Suzuki service workshops to upgrade skills of ITI students and make them job-ready.

In FY2016, the company also invited a Japanese expert through a Japan-based Human Resources and Industry Development Association (HIDA) to train teachers/students on latest technologies for a period of two weeks at ITI Pusa, Delhi. Students were imparted training on global best practices in vehicle service and repair and latest automobile technologies along with training in soft skills like discipline, punctuality, cleanliness, safety and quality in the field of service.

Japan India Institute for Manufacturing (JIM)

In FY2016, the Governments of Japan and India signed an agreement to create a pool of skilled manpower for manufacturing in India. To translate the vision of this partnership, the company embarked on setting up the first Japan-India Institute for Manufacturing (JIM) at AS Patel (Pvt.) ITI, in Ganpat University, Mehsana, Gujarat.
In addition to the technical curriculum, the JIM imparted training in some of the best shop floor practices, such as “Kaizen” (meaning continual improvement in Japanese) and Quality Circles, based on curriculum developed in Japan. The JIM has been offering eight technical courses relevant for automobile manufacturing and servicing, and began in August 2017.

Road safety

Maruti Suzuki runs a large nationwide road safety program that provides high-quality driving training and generates awareness on safe driving. The initiatives undertaken by the company to promote road safety include:

Institutes of Driving and Traffic Research (IDTRs)

Established in partnership with the Government, IDTRs offer training for passenger car and commercial vehicle drivers. Scientifically designed driving tracks and simulators are used for practical training. An additional component of health check-ups and soft skills training is also offered for commercial vehicle drivers. Trained and certified instructors undertake theory and practical sessions.

Maruti Driving Schools (MDSs)

A smaller format of training schools, MDSs have been set up in partnership with dealers. MDSs offer driving training for passenger vehicles only. The training curriculum at the MDS is the same as that at the IDTRs, except that the practical driving training is imparted on actual road instead of test tracks. In FY2016, 39 new MDS were added taking the total number to 403. In 2015, a special job oriented driving training course ‘Unnati’ was launched in 5 cities.

Road Safety Knowledge Centres (RSKC)

The company has established Road Safety Knowledge Centres (RSKC) in partnership with Haryana Traffic Police to promote road safety in cities. The RSKC are managed by IDTR. Traffic violators and learner license applicants are given training on road safety and traffic rules at RSKC.

Train the Trainer Programme

Maruti Suzuki lays stress on training the trainers. The key objective of the programme is to develop high quality, dedicated road safety professionals for its driving schools and standardise training delivery across India as per Maruti Suzuki standards. Future trainers are trained to achieve proficiency in training, communication skills and key instructional abilities. In FY2016, 379 new and 377 existing trainers were trained under “Train the Trainer Programme”.

Road safety for truck drivers

The company works with truck drivers of the transporters for Maruti produced cars throughout the year through driving training facilities specially set up for them, with flexible curricula and customised courses. The company also organises week long safety campaigns, called “Jagriti”, for truck drivers. The program also covers health and eye check-ups and HIV/AIDS awareness and testing camps, multiple media like games, quizzes and “nukkad nataks” (street plays) etc. The company also rewards drivers who practice safe driving and transport vehicles on time without damages.

City specific road safety program

Launched in partnership with Gurgaon traffic police, the “Sabhya Road Bhavya Gurgaon” initiative aims at improving driving sense and creating awareness about traffic rules among city commuters.

Road safety education

The company promotes road safety among people through various campaigns in partnership with traffic police.

PakistanPak Suzuki Motor Company Limited

Pak Suzuki, acting as a responsible corporate citizen, is committed to well being of the society through its contribution in the field of education, health, promoting environmental care in particular and to improve quality of life of underprivileged people as a whole.

Education Support Program

Scholarship for engineering students

Education plays a vital role in community development. Therefore in 2013 Pak Suzuki started Education Support Program. Pak Suzuki awarded total 55 scholarships to the needy students of NED University of Engineering & Technology on 22 July 2016 to help them to pursue their Educational and Career goals.

Awareness Session on Health, Safety & Environment (HSE)

Pak Suzuki organised a full day in-house “Awareness Session on Health, Safety and Environment” on 22 October 2016 for company employee’s children. The purpose of this awareness session was to equip children with the knowledge of health importance and safety practices to be followed on regular basis and natural environment protection. Plant visit was also arranged for the participants. Total 9 participants attended the session. In closing ceremony, certificates and gift hampers were distributed to encourage children participation.

Construction and renovation project in government school

Under “School Improvement Program”, Pak Suzuki successfully completed Construction and Renovation project in “Government Girls Primary Community Model School Razzaqabad”.
The project includes flooring of classrooms and corridor, renovation of school building and toilets, providing furniture for students and staff, fixing of water cooler with filter and stabiliser, sound system, play rides and plantation, etc. The project was inaugurated on 17 February 2017.

High school certificate scholarship program

To provide financial support to needy students to continue their education from high school (grade XI) to graduation level in government colleges, Pak Suzuki started “Higher School & Graduation” scholarship program in 2014 for the student of nearby government schools, as well as children of Pak Suzuki employees and job contractual workers. Hirofumi Nagao, Managing Director of Pak Suzuki (title at that time), awarded 98 scholarships among the needy students on 27 February 2017. Plant visit, 5S and Kaizen trainings session were also arranged for scholarship awardees.



To enhance the beauty of surrounding of company and the development of healthy environment, plantation project completed on 19 November 2016. Total 615 Cono-Carpus trees were planted along western and southern boundary walls of Pak Suzuki.

Beach Cleaning Campaign

Pollution at beaches is a serious concern as garbage endangers the beautiful marine life. Therefore Pak Suzuki organised Beach Cleaning Campaign 2016 at Russian Beach Port Qasim, Karachi on 29 October 2016. More than 250 employees of Pak Suzuki and representatives from nearby vendors participated along with their families. Around 300kg of garbage was collected and disposed of properly.

Community health

Blood Donation Campaign

Pak Suzuki organised Blood Donation Campaign in collaboration with “Indus Hospital” on 27 March 2017 in company’s premises. The campaign’s aim was to help the people who are struggling against incurable blood disease like Thalassemia, Hemophilia, etc. Total 178 donors donated their blood voluntarily from Pak Suzuki and nearby vendor’s employees.

VTI trainings

Pak Suzuki conducted training program for VTI’s (Vocational Training Institutes) for motorcycle trade students in the month of June, July, September, November, December 2016, and January 2017, in different cities of Pakistan. The purpose was to enhance the confidence level of VTI’s students regarding Suzuki and give the technical knowledge in different fields about Suzuki brands (e.g. engine, cooling system, lubricant system, power transmission, electrical & tuning procedures, etc.). Total 1,131 students were trained during the period.

ThailandSuzuki Motor (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Environmental protection activity

Suzuki Motor (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (SMT) has been working on CSR activity positively.
As a part of environmental protection activity, SMT supported to plant coral reef in Nang Ram Beach, Sattahip, Chonburi Province on 12 February 2017.
157 SMT employees joined this activity and worked hard with Thai Navy to protect rich and beautiful Thai coral reef.

Philippines Suzuki Philippines Inc.

Donations for typhoon victims

Suzuki Philippines donated 200,000 pesos (approximately 440,000 yen) to ABS-CBN SAGIP KAPAMILYA, the program of emergency humanitarian aid to recover from the serious damage caused by Typhoon HAIMA in November 2016. This program is implemented by ABS-CBN Lingkod Kapamilya Foundation, Inc, which supports the reconstruction, reducing the risk of disaster, and provides the emergency relief goods to the disaster-affected area.

FranceSuzuki France S.A.S.

Support activity for disabled children

Suzuki France has supported an event “Rêves de Gosse (Dreams of children)” which more than 1,000 children including disabled children can experience their first flight in 9 cities every year since 2010. Suzuki France provided vehicles for the staff transportation and held a welcome booth (photographs/ cartoonist/goodies) in each city for children who wait for their flight.

AustriaSuzuki Austria Automobil Handels GmbH

Support for sports activities

Suzuki Austria is sponsoring several sports associations such as the soccer school “Spaß mit dem Ball (Fun with the ball)”, the ice hockey club “EC Red Bull Salzburg”, the disabled athlete “Günther Matzinger”, and the Austrian water-polo club “Paris Lodron Salzburg”.

Support for cultural activities

Suzuki Austria supports the cultural association called “MUS-EN: the Musical Ensemble“. They just generated big success with their new project, the Broadway musical “Zum Sterben schön”, based on the Hollywood movie “Plots with a View”.

Support for social institution

Suzuki Austria supports the social institution called “Salzburger Krebshilfe” – an organisation which helps children who are confronted with cancer in their family. The company donated SX4 S-CROSS to this organisation and its mobile team visits the affected families with SX4 S-CROSS to look after the children psychologically.

Supporting the development of human resources in overseas manufacturing companies

Suzuki participates in the trainee acceptance program led by the Association for Overseas Technical Cooperation and Sustainable Partnerships (AOTS) and directly accepts trainees from overseas manufacturing companies to provide practical on-the-job training in individual sections of the company. Effective training in practical techniques and skills for overseas companies that support the manufacturing sector contributes to developing industries in developing countries and promotes mutual understanding and friendship between each other's countries.

Companies accepting overseas trainees (FY2016)

Country Company Name
India Maruti Suzuki India Limited
Suzuki Motor Gujarat Private Limited
Suzuki Motorcycle India Private Limited
Pakistan Pak Suzuki Motor Co., Ltd.
Colombia Suzuki Motor De Colombia S.A.
  • ● Number of overseas trainees accepted in FY2016: 140 persons
  • ● Accumulated total number of overseas trainees: 22,704 persons

(from FY1983 to FY2016)