Efforts by Domestic Sales Distributors

Suzuki group companies value reliable relationship with customers and local societies, and hope to have good fellowship with them for many years in future. We promote communication activities by providing the information about products and services, and participating or cooperating in welfare supports or other events. Also, we put the focus on education for employees to assure customer satisfaction for products and services we provide.

Introduction of efforts by domestic sales companies

*Website addresses shown next to each company name below are linked to websites of each company (in Japanese language only).

Suzuki Motor Sales Hokkaido Inc.

Environmental contribution by repair plant

We actively work on regional environmental preservation. Ebetsu Sales Office was awarded the “Prize for Eco-friendly Automobile Repair Shops etc.” by the director of Hokkaido District Transport Bureau as an enterprise office that had contributed to promotion and development of automobile-related business in Hokkaido for many years.


Suzuki Motor Sales Iwate Inc.

Donation of new WagonR to a vocational school of technology

We donated the new WagonR to Iwate Prefecture Miyako Vocational School of Technology as a vehicle for teaching auto maintenance. We support their development program of automobile mechanics so that their students can learn practical maintenance technologies using a vehicle equipped with the latest functions.


Suzuki Motor Sales Miyagi Inc.

Working environment for mechanics

It is indispensable to create working environment where skillful mechanics show their abilities adequately in order to provide customers with high-quality services and maintenance. Because the retention rate of graduates from Miyagi Prefecture Vocational School of Technology (mechanics) is high, we were awarded the letter of appreciation by Vocational Ability Development Association of Miyagi.


Suzuki Motor Sales Tokai Inc.

Traffic safety campaign

In the morning of 10th and 20th working days in every month, our employees hold the placards, stand on National Route 1 in front of the company and call out traffic safety to passengers.


Suzuki Motor Sales Nagano Inc. / Suzuki Motor Sales Nanshin Inc.

Participation in “Environmental Beautification Activities for Clean Shinshu”

We participated in “Environmental Beautification Activities for Clean Shinshu” where regional residents, citizen groups, companies, etc. in Nagano Prefecture work on environmental beatification activities during the specified period in order to keep the Shinshu region clean. Two automobile sales distributors in Nagano Prefecture participated in these activities in spring (May) and autumn (October) (twice in total), and cleaned the peripheral area of the premises.

Suzuki Motor Sales Nagano Inc. Website:

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Character for recycling in Nagano Prefecture

Suzuki Motor Sales Kyoto Inc.

Cleaning the surroundings of the nearest station

We clean the surroundings of Katsuragawa Station of JR Kyoto Line which is the nearest to the headquarters of Suzuki Motor Sales Kyoto on Thursdays. We will actively work on environmental beautification as a member of the local community.


Suzuki Motor Sales Kinki Inc.

Participation in local event for traffic safety campaign

We participated for cooperation in “2016 Osaka Traffic Safety Family Festival” held by the Osaka Prefecture Traffic Measure Council as a member of the Electric Wheelchair Safety Promotion Association in September 2016. We provided a test ride of an electric wheelchair and the safety driving training program for enlightenment of safety driving.

Activities for fire/disaster prevention

We always actively work on fire prevention activities at our offices. In March 2017, Higashi Osaka Sales Office was awarded the “Excellent Fire Prevention Manager Prize in FY2016” by the Higashi Osaka Fire Bureau.


Suzuki Motor Sales Wakayama Inc.

Acceptance of disabled person internship

In order to support regional employment of people with disabilities, we provide the internship program where they can experience the work at the automobile sales company. Seven persons with disabilities participated in our internship in FY2016, and experienced car wash and delivery operation of components.


Suzuki Motor Sales Saga Inc.

Cleaning on beach

As a part of regional contribution and environmental beautification activities, we periodically clean “Niji no Matsubara” of Karatsu Bay which is designated as a place with special scenic beauty and as one of the three most scenic pine groves in Japan. We conducted cleaning in June 2016 and February 2017.


Suzuki Marine Co., Ltd.

Cooperation in the joint water rescue drill

The joint water rescue drill was conducted by Hamamatsu City Fire Bureau, Hosoe Police Department, Shizuoka Marina Association, Hamanako Sogo Kankyo Zaidan (Lake Hamana Environment Foundation), etc. on 17 June 2016. Three boats participated in the drill from the West Branch of Shizuoka Marina Association to which Suzuki Marina Hamanako belongs.
In addition, on 24 June, another joint water rescue drill was held, and four organisations (Kosai City Fire-Defense Headquarters, Kosai Police Department, Hamanako Sogo Kankyo Zaidan and Shizuoka Marina Association) participated in it. We provided rescue boats and also cooperated on the rescue of a person who fell in water.

Marine week (test ride of boat)

We held a test ride event of boats for members of children’s group meeting near Lake Hamana on 4 August 2016. After teaching them basic knowledge for getting on boats and some ropeworks, we let them actually get on the boat so that they had an interest in sea and boats.