DURABILITY - The heart and soul of a genuine 4x4.

There are plenty of cars on the road today with 4X4 styling and street-machine souls. But the Jimny is a genuine cross-country vehicle. The sturdy ladder-type frame is a solid foundation for serious off-road performance. Its rigid three-section design helps stabilise the ride and absorb shock from the road. In combination with eight body mounts, a smooth-running engine, and comprehensive noise-reduction measures, the rigid frame helps make the Jimny as quiet as a family saloon. Rigid full-width axles provide a simple yet significant advantage. When one wheel hits a bump, the wheel on the other end of the axle is forced down, increasing surface contact. The result is superior grip on any terrain. The frame floats on a high-performance, three-link coil suspension that handles highway curves and rocky embankments with equal assurance. Separate shock absorbers and coil springs increase suspension travel and ensure smoother response. The ride is taut yet compliant, providing a high level of comfort for the driver and all passengers.

POWER - Muscle to match the situation.

The Jimny is powered by Suzuki's smooth-revving M13A DOHC engine, which is notable for its quick response and high fuel efficiency. Teamed with Drive Action 4x4, it delivers performance to surmount whatever challenges come your way. Water-cooled, with four inline cylinders, the lightweight, all-aluminium engine accelerates effortlessly to high revolutions, and generates torque - the practical power you need most during everyday driving - in abundance. Leading technologies like MPI (electronic Multi Point Injection), sequentially controlled ignition, and electronically controlled EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) provide a high-precision edge. Moreover, the engine is constructed almost wholly of aluminium, which helps make it extremely lightweight and fuel efficient. All this power and precision is transferred to the smooth-shifting four-speed automatic or five-speed manual transmission by way of a specially designed chain that not only significantly lowers friction and noise, but also reduces power loss. A transmission lockup function raises fuel economy when driving at highway speeds. As a Drive Action 4x4 with Air Locking Hub, the Jimny allows shifting between 4WD (4H) and 2WD modes while you drive, which means you can respond to changing surface and weather conditions at a moment's notice. All it takes is a shift of the transfer lever. In the 4WD mode, you can choose between high and low settings. The 4H (high) position is best for fairly flat surfaces, while the 4L (low) setting is ideal when attacking off-road slopes.

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