A delightful interior

A delightful interior

With interior panels colour coordinated to match the body colour, the Spacia Concept features playful colouring and materials that bring greater excitement and pleasure to every outing.

The roomy interior is wrapped in a boxy exterior designed with a motif hint taken from a suitcase. Expressing fun and excitement, the design will continue to grow on you the more you drive it.

A delightful interior
The Spacia’s characteristic design

The Spacia’s characteristic design stimulates your playful side while imparting a strong presence that yields a sense of roominess. Rather than being “for the family”, it proposes to be a vehicle “for both the driver and family alike”.

  • Overall length x width x height 3,395 x 1,475 x 1,800mm
  • Engine 658cm³ in-line three-cylinder petrol engine with VVT, mild hybrid system